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WINOL Sportsweek 5th November 2014 - Feedback

First of all, I'd like to apologise for my lack of feedback the past two weeks - I was on annual leave and spending time with my fiance and son, I didn't really have too much time to write any blogs up for you however I did see both Sportsweek programmes you did so if there is anything individual you wish to speak to me about then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

PRESENTING - Afzul Sumra
  • I like your voice Afzul. It's calm and quite soft - you sound relaxed when reading. Now it's all about working on delivering your links. Remember, there's a difference between 'reading' and 'delivering' - anybody can read words on an autocue but it takes a certain confidence and talent to really deliver it in the right way.
  • Similar point, but I don't think your tone is right for many of the stories. I can see you are trying hard to get the tone, but I don't think it's right. I think you pause at the wrong places when linking and it automatically destroys the flow. I imagine this is your first time, so practice makes perfect!
  • I don't know what you are doing with your arms....maybe it's a way you are on camera but it needs to stop. If you make arm movements to demonstrate a point then fair enough but it's like you were on loop - just be wary of that next time.
  • Really sell the headlines - these set the platform for the rest of the show - I wasn't too convinced - really engage my attention immediately by teasing what is coming up on the show. 
  • One more thing - make sure you pronounce your T's. There were a couple of "Ce-ee"'s in there. "CITY" - correct pronunciation is everything when presenting.
  • I've never been overly keen on showing goals in the headlines. To me, I've seen a goal from that game....the best goal....why should I wait and watch more?
  • "And Ross Perkins tries out walking football?" - What? I am immediately bored. That does not interest me at all - so what is your job - to make it interesting for me AS A VIEWER. Scripting headlines needs work for a feature like that.
  • "Before the game started" - surely there's a better way of introducing your VT? - What about "A day of celebration for both Basingstoke manager Jason Bristow and club striker Chris Flood - xx wins in October coupled with xx goals for Flood saw both men pick up the manager and player of the month respectively"?
  • You didn't actually tell us why they won the awards - you just said helping towards an impressive start to the season - give us the stats. How many did Bristow win as manager in the month? Must be good to win an award! Flood is top scorer, yep, great, I have no idea how many goals he have to tell the viewer.
  • What is wrong with the sound? It's like it has an audio filter on it or it's distorted. Is there a technical reason for that? 
  • With the penalty - you don't need to show Sawyer putting the ball on the spot. We all know what a penalty and the spot is - no need for that. 
  • Nice stat about Basingstoke conceding more than 1 at home though - big fan of stats like that - good work.
  • Nice little way to end the piece - well scripted too.
  • One thing I noticed generally across your VT Elliot.....when you show a goal and then cut to the celeb and/or replay.....carry the sound from the main camera underneath the celeb and/or replay. It just flows better because you could have fans cheering for a goal and then utter silence on a replay - with this way the cheers continues and there's a bit more atmos for the entirety of the time we see everything surrounded with the goal. 
  • There's a much better improvement from your early VTs here Rhodri - you are really taking the tips and advice I'm giving you on board which is nice to see.
  • Just be careful not to be too descriptive within your package. I felt that at times you were telling us what we were seeing - working around that is an art and something that will come in time. 
  • Also, same as I said to Elliot, carry the sound under your celebs and replays. Disrupted the flow.
  • Not a huge amount to say about this. Good job - now just really work hard and really emphasising that voice and learning when to up your tone and lower your tone. Well done though - nice work.
  • First thing's first....the Graphic Sting at the top....why are they suddenly Winchester FC? Where's the City? If you were doing the same for Bristol City, would you just put Bristol? You need the CITY in there, if not then you do not need the FC.
  • "Winchester star'ed well" - where's your T? PRONUNCIATION IS KEY
  • This whole VT is very, very descriptive. Why are you telling me what I am seeing? Don't do that - I want you to tell me things I don't know - I can see the game, I don't need you to tell me EXACTLY what is happening unless it is an incident that possibly needs clarifying.
  • "Making the" - BIG NO for me. Massive NO in fact. There are so many other ways to say a team went 1-0 up..."took the lead", "opened the scoring", "broke the deadlock" - it just seems too simple for me - think outside the box with your scripting. It's a crucial factor in TV and if that's weak, then your VT will be weak. 
  • The tackle by Dominic Cope....what are you showing me there? It's a nothing challenge. I'm a Level 7 qualified referee and I wouldn't have even given him a yellow for that. Maybe a free kick, but that's not a talking point at all. Poor editorial decision Marc. 
  • The Mason 'elbow' - NOW THAT IS A TALKING POINT! - I genuinely believe it is an elbow so well done for putting it in, but I have a question for a 50/50 challenge more deserving of a replay than an 'elbow' which is violent conduct"? Cope's challenge has a replay, Mason's 'elbow' doesn't - again editorially - the wrong decision. "The ref took no action" - THEN SHOW US A REPLAY! A major talking point.
  • "The ref finally took action" - okay, when I first saw this, I thought there was going to be a red card, which would in turn justify your decision slightly to put in the other incidents, but it wasn't. It was just a YELLOW. Not worthy of being in your VT. The only one I would have shown and put a replay on was Chris Mason.
  • Not your best piece this week Marc - hopefully these points will help you. One thing you did well though - you carried your audio underneath celebs and replays! Well done - Rhodri and Elliot - this is what I was explaining to you - speak to Marc about this.
  • Ross, I think you have scripted this absolutely on the nose. It's explanatory, it's interesting and I really enjoyed listening to what you had to tell me about Walking Football and the initiatives in place by the Hampshire FA. It's a nice local story about a worldwide sport and the unique feel that is being put on it. Your scripting was crucial in this and you delivered it moreorless perfectly.
  • A couple of technical pointers - I think the use of the GoPro was excellent, maybe just a little bit too much of it. 
  • Don't think you used the camera enough, few more ground shots would have been nice, maybe put the camera inside or just behind the net? Although it is difficult when there's not much going on in such a small space.
  • The first man and then the woman you interviewed.....a little bit lazy with the camera work I think. It's nice to have both of them in vision to create more of a 'conversation feel' but it's in the same spot, and I wpuld have maybe done individual positions for all 3 interviewees.
  • Nice work though Ross. You took a national sport and localised it and that is a key thing that WINOL needs regularly on News and Sport.
  • Drew - the links to the VTs were much, much better this week. I am off work on Tuesday so will be free the majority of the day so I am volunteering my services to go through the running order with you and help you to polish up those scripts a bit more. Please email or tweet me if you want some help with that this coming week.
  • We are getting closer and closer to that 10 minute mark - that has to be a minimum for me. We are getting there, and we still need to think of new ways to get it up to 10.....something I manager/player reaction post-match interviews? That may have stretched the 10 minute mark! I will continue to bang on about this but it is so vital we get them - it really does give us something else to play with when you are constructing your running order. I want to hear from the people involved.
  • Think we needed to hear from Bristow and Flood - manager and player of the month - what a great month for the club on the pitch.....why have we not heard from them? I used to interview player and managers at nearly EVER match - we should continue to do the same now.
  • Have you ever considered using player tweets? Sometimes they are quite nice. I follow Chris Flood and Jason Bristow just out of my own amusement. I know for a fact that Flood tweeted about his Player of the Month award and he got a lot of support from teammates and fans. We use them on our beIN Sports news bulletins and it's a great way to actually show the players that their efforts are being shown on a local sports programme. "Well let's take a look at some of the tweets from the players involved in the weekend's games....Basingstoke's top scorer Chris Flood was full of joy despite his side losing to Chelmsford. The xx-year-old celebrated picking up the player of the month award etc etc etc"
  • Keep an eye out for any famous names in the area over the coming weeks. There is always a lot going on in Winchester and a lot of names make their way to the region - a perfect interview opportunity to talk about a variety of topics. At WINOL, I interviewed Matt Le Tissier, Paul Walsh, Darren Anderton, Charlotte Edwards, Greg Draper, Guy Butters and Henry Olonga plus more. So keep an eye out - these will be exclusive to WINOL and if subjects like these talk to YOU about current affairs and topics in the world of sport, then the world is your oyster and will enhance programming an incredible amount. 
Well done everybody. Improving every week, and starting to become more a programme feel about it instead of a load of VT's hacked together on a timeline. 
As always, feel free to email me or tweet me @G_Messenger if you have any questions.

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