Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Real Cricket

Most people who watch the sport yet have no idea on how to play the game believe it to a be a boring activity where men or women stand around for hours on end chasing a small red ball around a field.

They are theoretically correct, but are otherwise wrong. Cricket is a game of passion, one based on respect for one another with a huge amount of skill or technique shown. Cricket, albeit completely different from fashions shows and teaching, demand a high amount of skill and a stunning control of anxiety levels, something you would never see in the before-mentioned activities, lifestyles, or even careers.

Here are the link to a few videos, which will show everybody, what cricket is truly about and hopefully after watching, you will truly understand why it is considered one of the most loved sports in the land.


What is a cricket blog without one of the most popular cricket related incidents in the past year? This from the England Cricket team sent humour and admiration into the game for a long time to come. I know for sure, it won't be long before I am sprinkling everyone close to me! Enjoy.

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