Friday, 16 September 2011

"Playing in the Shadows" sets the Example for UK talent

With his new album "Playing in the Shadows" topping the UK album chart, it must be reckoned that Example is on top of the world at the moment.

His rise and rise again from a mediocre rapper to the peak of the electro house genre emphasises not just the change in the 29-year-old's talents, but the pure shift of modern popular British music.

The days of pop and indie are slowly dying, and a new age is being born and bred, the age of electro and trance and house. The first two singles from the new album, released on 4 September 2011, have already reached the highest heights. "Changed The Way You Kissed Me" and "Stay Awake" both debuted at number one in the UK Singles Chart, and, with another single on the way, "Natural Disaster" produced by Dutch house DJ Laidback Luke, another chart topper is surely in the sights of Fulham-born Example.

"Natural Disaster" has already entered the UK Indie Chart at number 27 (a month before its official UK release!), so big things are expected from the next musical number from the shadows.

Without rambling on too much about every single track on his new album, I'll let you make your own judgements on Elliot Gleave's 12-song production. However, one I personally recommend is not straight out of the expected house and trance repetoire. Gleave admits that song seven, "Microphone" to be the only song he has co-written with somebody else on this new record. Guy Chambers, long-term partner of Take That member Robbie Williams, is revealed as the co-writer for the tune.

Have a listen. Whether the album tickles the fancy of many (which it will) or it infact turns out to be a mediocre product of the time, it will make you stay awake. British talent is changing. British talent is growing. For the best. An era has just finished. A new beginning is now in full flow.