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WINOL Sportsweek 19th November 2014 - Feedback

Hi everybody, apologies for the late blog post, I've had a crazy few days at work and just haven't had the time to get round to writing this. This blog is actually being written at 4am Doha time which is 1am UK time and it comes after a 12 hour Premier League shift so count yourselves lucky!

PRESENTING - Rhodri Cannon
  • Rhodri - well done. I know you are very limited, much like all of you, in presenting in a studio or even being on camera, but you've done well. 
  • Try and really punch those headlines. I want you to sell them to me. Don't be afraid to really give it some oomph! You just seemed a bit timid. 
  • No more 'coming up on today's show' or 'goodbye' - it's quite a weak way to introduce your show and quite a lazy way to end it. It's just a kop out for me. As a team, it may be worth you all sitting down and thinking about new ways to open and close the show. 
  • Speak to Angus, or even Aarran for that matter. If presenting is something you want to move into, the best people to talk to are people who present in front of millions. Both Angus and Aarran do.
  • Guys....massive, massive mistake. Eastleigh had to be your main headline. It just had to be. It's your top story, but it doesn't justify a headline? Makes no sense to me. If you think everything need a headline then have 4 headlines. Do not restrict yourselves to 3. Big error here.
  • Bristow in the headlines - yes, I'm all for that....I would have ended it when he said "abysmal" though - just think he spoke for a bit too long in that headline.
  • 'Rachel Gunter investigates growth in women's football' - that's really weak. First of all, I wouldn't have mentioned Rachel's name....I would have said "WINOL investigates blah blah blah" - but, "growth" - what is growth? What do we mean by growth? 
  • Ross - really well done. You've done extremely well here. It was so important that you as a sports team got this story in. Ross, I could tell by your twitter that you've had a manic week, but you've worked so hard on this, so give yourself a pat on the back. 
  • Few things to comment on....First, I would have put a slow zoom on the still images. Just keeps the VT moving and flowing a bit more.
  • Nice to hear from Richard Hill. You needed him. 
  • Also nice to get some sort of reaction from Lincoln. You needed to. They travelled so far for nothing in the end. 
  • One thing though....I don't like the black behind the tweets and the club statement. Could you have filmed a wide shot of Eastleigh's ground or an area of the pitch to use of a background. Spoiled the piece just a bit. Looked a bit amateurish.
  • Very good outro. Confident, informative. A nice piece all round. The points above for future reference. Really well done Ross.
  • Nice idea with the link to the VT, but Rhodri, a little more conviction in your voice next time. "I THOUGHT WE WERE ABYSMAL" - really go for that line. It's a great line from the manager. Really slamming his players. Sell it.
  • Elliot - it's shot too wide for my liking. I know there is always a fear of missing something and as your camera skills get better, you will be more confident in yourself, but try and get tighter on the game. 
  • Also, the had already mentioned his name previous to the goal.....don't need to say his name again in full. Just say 'Smith' or make a reference to 'making amends for his earlier guilt edge chance' - something like that.
  • The whole VT is too descriptive for me. There are elements of variety in your scripting but for me it's too much of 'he did this, he did that, this was saved, etc etc' - don't tell me what I'm seeing. Use your scripting to enhance what I'm seeing.
  • I don't think you need to SOQ this. You sign out, and then we hear from Bristow. Just go straight to Bristow. If we don't hear you give an SOQ, then you don't give an SOQ. Not the end of the world. Just disrupts the flow. 
  • Not a bad piece Elliot, but lots to be improved upon. Scripting is key component of any VT, so just work harder at that for next time.
FA Cup Graphic
  • You need to write on the Graphic what that game is. I know what it is, but not everybody will do.
  • FA CUP 1ST ROUND REPLAY, TUESDAY 18TH NOVEMBER 2014, AFC TELFORD 2-1 BASINGTOKE - These should all be written on the graphic.
  • I think you need to give us some detail about the game as well. I like that you've written the scorers on the Full Frame Graphic but there's no harm in talking about it. I know for a fact that Telford had a man sent off, so it's even more of a kick in the teeth for Basingstoke isn't it?
  • Afzul....natural sound under the Full Frame Sting at the top of your edit? Where is it? I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago. It's a horrible, awkward moment of silence. Get the atmos up!
  • When I first watched this I genuinely had no idea what was going on. 'Went 1-0 up' *GOAL* then graphic saying 2-0. It's only when I listened to the voiceover again that I realised you had actually missed the first goal. Why was that? It was 21 minutes into the game. Hopefully there was some sort of explanation as to why it wasn't in your edit. 
  • If you do miss a goal guys, then maybe work a line into your VT to compensate for missing it. Maybe something like "Poole went ahead through Person A, but his excellent strike was far too good for our WINOL Cameras" - you have to acknowledge the fact you missed it. You cannot just ignore it. But, please, please do not miss ANY goals or major incidents in games. Afzul, let me know why you missed it please. Technical problem? Arrived late? Let me know.
  • Your audio cuts from the 3-0 goal to different audio for the celeb and replay. Just use all the sound from the Main Camera and carry it underneath ALL your shots as part of this sequence.
  • Same again for 4-0. Audio cuts are too harsh. Carry them underneath all parts of the sequence. 
  • Nice replay though for the 4th goal - it actually shows the horrible blunder by the keeper quite well. Good use of the replay.
  • Try not to be too descriptive in your VT Afzul. You started really well scripting wise but as the VT went on I just felt it becoming more and more of you telling me what I was seeing. Work around it, think of new ways to introduce different stages of the game. How can they link? In fact, I'm pretty sure in your VT Joe Maxwell hit the bar and then set up the goal in your next shot! That's a perfect way to link it - "Maxwell may not have found the net, but he was involved in what turned out to be a small consolation for Totton. Person B blah blah blah" Get it?
  • Team....There is a huge, huge error here. I sent that tweet to you as I thought it would be a nice way to use a local footballer on the international stage, but NOBODY has checked when this tweet was. I knew when it was. He tweeted on Tuesday night. What happened on Tuesday night? Scotland 1-3 England. He was tweeting about THAT game, NOT the Slovenia game as you guys scripted. That's a massive error guys. You need to check and double check it. Really poor. And such a shame.
  • The pictures are good though. Well done for mentioning Lambert and Lallana, although I don't think you said they were former Saints players. I think you said they played for Saints. I may be wrong, but just check that. Both are at Liverpool now remember. 
  • Next time, slow zoom on the pictures. Too still for me....yes, irony there I know, but even so, keep it moving and flowing.
  • Big error here though guys. Please don't think I'm criticising, but if I did what you did at my work, I'd be getting a rollicking. We all make mistakes, but you all must have seen Sportsweek before broadcast and upload. Drew, this does fall on your head though. You are in charge of the programme. You should have noticed this. Rhodri to some extent you too. You're the presenter, you wrote/read the script. It had to be flagged.
  • The link to this VT and the first line in this VT are EXACTLY the same. Communication guys. You all work together - this should have been noticed.
  • This is a really nice piece Rachel. Well done. It's carefully constructed and like your previous sports package, it's very interesting. Try not to limit yourself though. It's great you are getting the female aspect of the game in, but let's try and get some variety in your stories.
  • Really nice that you interview the women's captain. I can hear the audio cuts though. Are there any fades in and out of new quotes? They seem a bit harsh. Remember, you can cover any cuts with raised audio levels of the girls kicking a ball so we don't hear the harsh cuts. 
  • Also, I know it's tricky with a piece like this, but I think there's too many of the same shot. Too many shots from a distance of the girls running and playing football. A bit samey at stages in this VT.
  • I don't know if WINOL has a set way for your SOQs but I hate "Person C, Winchester News Online, Winchester" - Just end it on "Winchester News Online" if you are in Winchester, but say the place name for anywhere else.
  • Nice work though Rachel. It's a good way to end the show. 
  • Program started very strongly - Ross' VT was the stand out. That was real sports news. Excellent job. 
  • Ended very nicely too - Rachel's women in football piece was a nice way to end. 
  • The middle of the show was a mixture of good, scrappy and poor. A blend of all three. But, there are some big mistakes in here guys, editorial and technical.
  • The show has really come on so well in the last few weeks and you've all come on so well, but I think we took a step back this week. I don't like saying it but I always have been honest and I always will be. Ask Chris and Brian!
  • Don't think of this week as a poor show - think of it as a learning curve. Why were some parts bad? Where can they be improved? What do WE, as a team, need to do to ensure there are no mistakes. Maybe something for you all to sit down and chat about this week coming.
  • One good thing though - it's a longer show! Which is excellent - and I know you are all busting a gut to get it longer and better so well done everybody on that side of it. 
  • Also, one more's all football again. I know Angus made a point about this a week or two ago and I definitely agree. We need more than just football. We need to try and get other stuff in there too. Rugby's popular locally. Just a thought.
  • Keep working hard though. And as always....any questions, please do get in touch! 

Friday, 14 November 2014

WINOL Sportsweek 12th November 2014 - Feedback

  • First thing's first Marc, I noticed your top button (or lack of). Make sure your appearance is smart! Remember, people want to see you and the programme in all its glory so make sure you are dressed to impress.
  • I like your tone - it's a good tone, high energy. I think at times you try to read too quick, and then you stumble on a couple of occasions - make sure you let it breathe. It's not a race. It's a story, and I want you to tell me the story clearly and effectively. Balancing the tone of how you say your links, and the pace of it is crucial. 
  • I'm banning "Coming up on today's show" - let's see a variation in scripting. I change my INTRO for beIN Sports nearly every other day. I'm also banning "goodbye" on the OUTRO. No more "Goodbye" - it's such a lame ending. Let's think of new ways to sign out from the programme. 
  • Headlines are good, I think we need to put more in there, and maybe change the way we do the headlines. I think after the TITLES....Headline 1....Intro....Headline 2, Headline 3, Headline 4, etc etc. It just flows much more nicely. There's no stopping and starting again. Keep the pace flowing.
  • Do not be afraid to put more than 2/3 headlines. You had 4 stories this week....why not headline them all?
  • Again, this is a very good highlights package Rhodri. You really are slowly mastering the art of football highlights VTs.
  • I see you've carried the audio underneath celebs and replays this week - well done for taking that on board. See how much of an improvement it makes!
  • Try not to be too descriptive with your VO. I felt as the package went on, you were becoming more and more descriptive about what we were seeing. However, your scripting is getting better week by week which is great to see.
  • Also great to see, is a post match interview - FINALLY! Well done getting Jason - he's always keen to talk - he's a great guy. Shame about the lights turning on midway through but unfortunately there's not a huge amount you can do about that - sod's law!
  • One thing I did notice....keep your graphics consistent....the full time score graphic said "Basingstoke" then the graphic for Bristow said "Basingstoke Town manager" - pick one or the other. I would go Basingstoke Town so just make sure it has it on both graphics.
  • Well done Rhodri - great work. Let's think of new ways to keep getting better and perhaps new ideas at how we can introduce and end your VTs. 
  • The dates are wrong on both graphics. Both games are being played on Sunday 7th December 2014. I know the FA Cup schedule has been affected and changed this week due to certain unforeseen circumstances, so maybe you published that before the change. We need to update that to accommodate the new dates. 
  • Again, something I noticed here which may have slipped through the net your side but can I ask why Eastleigh has an 'FC' on the end and the other clubs don't? This comes down to consistency again - I wouldn't put FC. We know they are a football club. Would you put Chelsea FC or Arsenal FC? 
  • In terms of the script for's good. Well done, however "Basingstoke Town face a trip to League One leaders Bristol City" - Remember they have to BEAT Telford in the replay so you need to reference that. 
  • Also, I know for a fact Angus will like this seeing as he is a die-hard Bristol City fan - so any extra publicity his side gets is great for his 'minnows' ***office joke***
  • You have no idea how happy I am to see this in here this week. Drew, I know we discussed this and well done for getting it done. This is SPORTS NEWS, and it is localised because of the mention he used to play for AFC Totton. 
  • You covered all aspects of the story you needed to cover. How he did the injury....the latest updates....what injury it was. It was good. 
  • The tweets are great - see how simple a sports tory can be made from just using social media? Don't worry about pictures if you don't have them....always be thinking about ways to use a story with new ideas.
  • I don't think you need 'ARCHIVE FOOTAGE' in the bottom left of the Charles OOV. It's WINOL Footage! Here's an important point though - do you see how vital archive footage is - just look at what he can be used for! It's important we keep a register of what is kept on tapes and what is uploaded where for any future use on Sportsweek.
  • I actually spoke to Michael - he's seen the show - he's very grateful for you putting this in - he's absolutely devastated about the injury and from what he's told me he could be out for a long, long time. It may be worth contacting him in the coming weeks - this should be a running story updating on his progress. He has seen the surgeon so it's only a matter of time before he gets a length of time he's out for. Maybe we can set up an exclusive interview when he's on the mend? Get in touch with him - he's a nice guy. 
  • NOTE - The audio mix at the end of the Charles OOV back into the studio was very, very harsh. Let's make sure all mixes are good in post production. Sounded horrible.
  • Nice Ross, well done for organising this. Finally good to hear from the new man at the helm at Winchester.
  • I don't think this needed your voice at the top. I think we could have just linked straight to the interview using Marc. You didn't show us anything that we needed to see - so maybe next time guys just a straight link from presenter to interview will suffice.
  • You should have put a couple of paints in there to cover up your questions. I like the 3 camera shots but as much as I like you, I don't want to see you. Cover them with Winchester footage. 
  • I think if this is something we intend to do regularly we should film every manager at every ground at every game we go to. We need GVs of these managers. Maybe even if you get a 2nd camera at games to film them for 1-2 minutes. It's a really nice OOV to have on standby. Drew - maybe this is something you can do? Upload them to youtube then that way you do not have to re-capture old archive tapes - you already have the manager OOVs there and then for you. Let's do the same for players too. Let's try and get as many generic shots of players as possible! Let's comp them together - they will be so useful for future programming and it means should a story come up about that player then you have it ready to go!
  • Amy, I really like these pieces you do. I think they're great. 
  • Your sequences are very well thought out - they're interesting and you have a wide variety of pictures at your disposal. 
  • I thought your VO was very disjointed. Not your scripting, your scripting was fine. Your actual delivery of that script seemed very hesitant and out of tune. If it doesn't sound great, do it again. We want your VT to flow and compensate the shots and the hard work that's gone into the package. I just felt that your VO actually let down what should have been yet another excellent local story which was perfect for your target audience. Local people and students.
  • A few black holes in the programme this week. I think there was one in the headlines and another after the FA Cup graphic. We don't like black holes - make sure to double check the programme before your export and upload!
  • Editorially very good this week. Highlights, news stories, exclusive interviews, features. Solid work across the board. 
  • Duration not great again.....imagine if we didn;t have Bristow post match and the Charles story! Would have been much shorter! Always scour the net for news and reactions. POST MATCH INTERVIEWS FROM EVERY GAME THIS WEEKEND PLEASE.
  • I honestly believe we need a comp of individual manager and player OOVS. This will take time but let's make a start on them. They will be so important.
  • I've decided I do not like the credits at the end. NO CREDITS. Let's put the full version of the titles at the start and finish to open and close your programme.
  • I want you all to try and look forward in your packages too. Remember, your programme is uploaded on a Wednesday, meaning most of the games are out of date. How can we push it so we are looking forward rather than looking back?
  • I think we need to as-live stand ups outside St Marys. This needs to be a best, most confident reporter. It doesn't need to be an essay. It doesn't require any paints. It just needs a reporter outside St Marys stadium looking ahead to what Southampton are doing this weekend. They are 2nd in the EPL, and the ONLY Hampshire side in the top flight. 1 minute to 1 minute 30 tops. This week is the perfect week to do it. Do it on Monday or Tuesday - look forward to Saints game at the weekend - but please feel free to reflect on the players who were on international duty. Use the fact your have an EPL side on your doorstep more. 
  • I always think, reluctantly, you need some more sports in there. Local rugby? Basingstoke Bison Ice Hockey? I don't want it to become WINOL Footballweek.....remember, SPORTSWEEK. Let's try and push for this. If it means that some reporters have to do two packages in a week then so be it. 
  • We are really getting there, we really are. You are all taking the points on board and working extremely hard at improving your all round journalistic skills. Keep working hard. Keep communicating with one another and helping each other to create better programming.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

WINOL Sportsweek 5th November 2014 - Feedback

First of all, I'd like to apologise for my lack of feedback the past two weeks - I was on annual leave and spending time with my fiance and son, I didn't really have too much time to write any blogs up for you however I did see both Sportsweek programmes you did so if there is anything individual you wish to speak to me about then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

PRESENTING - Afzul Sumra
  • I like your voice Afzul. It's calm and quite soft - you sound relaxed when reading. Now it's all about working on delivering your links. Remember, there's a difference between 'reading' and 'delivering' - anybody can read words on an autocue but it takes a certain confidence and talent to really deliver it in the right way.
  • Similar point, but I don't think your tone is right for many of the stories. I can see you are trying hard to get the tone, but I don't think it's right. I think you pause at the wrong places when linking and it automatically destroys the flow. I imagine this is your first time, so practice makes perfect!
  • I don't know what you are doing with your arms....maybe it's a way you are on camera but it needs to stop. If you make arm movements to demonstrate a point then fair enough but it's like you were on loop - just be wary of that next time.
  • Really sell the headlines - these set the platform for the rest of the show - I wasn't too convinced - really engage my attention immediately by teasing what is coming up on the show. 
  • One more thing - make sure you pronounce your T's. There were a couple of "Ce-ee"'s in there. "CITY" - correct pronunciation is everything when presenting.
  • I've never been overly keen on showing goals in the headlines. To me, I've seen a goal from that game....the best goal....why should I wait and watch more?
  • "And Ross Perkins tries out walking football?" - What? I am immediately bored. That does not interest me at all - so what is your job - to make it interesting for me AS A VIEWER. Scripting headlines needs work for a feature like that.
  • "Before the game started" - surely there's a better way of introducing your VT? - What about "A day of celebration for both Basingstoke manager Jason Bristow and club striker Chris Flood - xx wins in October coupled with xx goals for Flood saw both men pick up the manager and player of the month respectively"?
  • You didn't actually tell us why they won the awards - you just said helping towards an impressive start to the season - give us the stats. How many did Bristow win as manager in the month? Must be good to win an award! Flood is top scorer, yep, great, I have no idea how many goals he have to tell the viewer.
  • What is wrong with the sound? It's like it has an audio filter on it or it's distorted. Is there a technical reason for that? 
  • With the penalty - you don't need to show Sawyer putting the ball on the spot. We all know what a penalty and the spot is - no need for that. 
  • Nice stat about Basingstoke conceding more than 1 at home though - big fan of stats like that - good work.
  • Nice little way to end the piece - well scripted too.
  • One thing I noticed generally across your VT Elliot.....when you show a goal and then cut to the celeb and/or replay.....carry the sound from the main camera underneath the celeb and/or replay. It just flows better because you could have fans cheering for a goal and then utter silence on a replay - with this way the cheers continues and there's a bit more atmos for the entirety of the time we see everything surrounded with the goal. 
  • There's a much better improvement from your early VTs here Rhodri - you are really taking the tips and advice I'm giving you on board which is nice to see.
  • Just be careful not to be too descriptive within your package. I felt that at times you were telling us what we were seeing - working around that is an art and something that will come in time. 
  • Also, same as I said to Elliot, carry the sound under your celebs and replays. Disrupted the flow.
  • Not a huge amount to say about this. Good job - now just really work hard and really emphasising that voice and learning when to up your tone and lower your tone. Well done though - nice work.
  • First thing's first....the Graphic Sting at the top....why are they suddenly Winchester FC? Where's the City? If you were doing the same for Bristol City, would you just put Bristol? You need the CITY in there, if not then you do not need the FC.
  • "Winchester star'ed well" - where's your T? PRONUNCIATION IS KEY
  • This whole VT is very, very descriptive. Why are you telling me what I am seeing? Don't do that - I want you to tell me things I don't know - I can see the game, I don't need you to tell me EXACTLY what is happening unless it is an incident that possibly needs clarifying.
  • "Making the" - BIG NO for me. Massive NO in fact. There are so many other ways to say a team went 1-0 up..."took the lead", "opened the scoring", "broke the deadlock" - it just seems too simple for me - think outside the box with your scripting. It's a crucial factor in TV and if that's weak, then your VT will be weak. 
  • The tackle by Dominic Cope....what are you showing me there? It's a nothing challenge. I'm a Level 7 qualified referee and I wouldn't have even given him a yellow for that. Maybe a free kick, but that's not a talking point at all. Poor editorial decision Marc. 
  • The Mason 'elbow' - NOW THAT IS A TALKING POINT! - I genuinely believe it is an elbow so well done for putting it in, but I have a question for a 50/50 challenge more deserving of a replay than an 'elbow' which is violent conduct"? Cope's challenge has a replay, Mason's 'elbow' doesn't - again editorially - the wrong decision. "The ref took no action" - THEN SHOW US A REPLAY! A major talking point.
  • "The ref finally took action" - okay, when I first saw this, I thought there was going to be a red card, which would in turn justify your decision slightly to put in the other incidents, but it wasn't. It was just a YELLOW. Not worthy of being in your VT. The only one I would have shown and put a replay on was Chris Mason.
  • Not your best piece this week Marc - hopefully these points will help you. One thing you did well though - you carried your audio underneath celebs and replays! Well done - Rhodri and Elliot - this is what I was explaining to you - speak to Marc about this.
  • Ross, I think you have scripted this absolutely on the nose. It's explanatory, it's interesting and I really enjoyed listening to what you had to tell me about Walking Football and the initiatives in place by the Hampshire FA. It's a nice local story about a worldwide sport and the unique feel that is being put on it. Your scripting was crucial in this and you delivered it moreorless perfectly.
  • A couple of technical pointers - I think the use of the GoPro was excellent, maybe just a little bit too much of it. 
  • Don't think you used the camera enough, few more ground shots would have been nice, maybe put the camera inside or just behind the net? Although it is difficult when there's not much going on in such a small space.
  • The first man and then the woman you interviewed.....a little bit lazy with the camera work I think. It's nice to have both of them in vision to create more of a 'conversation feel' but it's in the same spot, and I wpuld have maybe done individual positions for all 3 interviewees.
  • Nice work though Ross. You took a national sport and localised it and that is a key thing that WINOL needs regularly on News and Sport.
  • Drew - the links to the VTs were much, much better this week. I am off work on Tuesday so will be free the majority of the day so I am volunteering my services to go through the running order with you and help you to polish up those scripts a bit more. Please email or tweet me if you want some help with that this coming week.
  • We are getting closer and closer to that 10 minute mark - that has to be a minimum for me. We are getting there, and we still need to think of new ways to get it up to 10.....something I manager/player reaction post-match interviews? That may have stretched the 10 minute mark! I will continue to bang on about this but it is so vital we get them - it really does give us something else to play with when you are constructing your running order. I want to hear from the people involved.
  • Think we needed to hear from Bristow and Flood - manager and player of the month - what a great month for the club on the pitch.....why have we not heard from them? I used to interview player and managers at nearly EVER match - we should continue to do the same now.
  • Have you ever considered using player tweets? Sometimes they are quite nice. I follow Chris Flood and Jason Bristow just out of my own amusement. I know for a fact that Flood tweeted about his Player of the Month award and he got a lot of support from teammates and fans. We use them on our beIN Sports news bulletins and it's a great way to actually show the players that their efforts are being shown on a local sports programme. "Well let's take a look at some of the tweets from the players involved in the weekend's games....Basingstoke's top scorer Chris Flood was full of joy despite his side losing to Chelmsford. The xx-year-old celebrated picking up the player of the month award etc etc etc"
  • Keep an eye out for any famous names in the area over the coming weeks. There is always a lot going on in Winchester and a lot of names make their way to the region - a perfect interview opportunity to talk about a variety of topics. At WINOL, I interviewed Matt Le Tissier, Paul Walsh, Darren Anderton, Charlotte Edwards, Greg Draper, Guy Butters and Henry Olonga plus more. So keep an eye out - these will be exclusive to WINOL and if subjects like these talk to YOU about current affairs and topics in the world of sport, then the world is your oyster and will enhance programming an incredible amount. 
Well done everybody. Improving every week, and starting to become more a programme feel about it instead of a load of VT's hacked together on a timeline. 
As always, feel free to email me or tweet me @G_Messenger if you have any questions.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

WINOL Sportsweek 15th October 2014 - Feedback

-          Drew, you look tired. Get some sleep – or do less work!
-          In all seriousness though, again, you were calm and composed presenting but you really need to ‘punch’ through those headlines – you are not selling the show to me, you are just telling me what I can see.  Really sell it!
-          I’m going to make a rule in regards to the OUTRO at the end of the show. No more “Goodbye” – I don’t think it works. Keep the ending simple with a promo of the website, or say “Make sure you join us next week for all the latest from WINOL Sportsweek”
-          Think we should give somebody else a presenting opportunity next week – let’s see what others can bring to the party – I’m not sure presenting is for you Drew, I just feel that enthusiasm in your voice enough to really sell it. If you get the chance to watch any of Angus’ work, have a look. The way his tone is for everything he does in a studio is truly excellent. Or take a look at how Winchester Alumni Aarran Summers presents/presented. I work with him here out in Doha for the beIN Sports News bulletins every day and he has really learnt how to sell it.

-          Nice to see them back. I think you need them. Don’t be afraid to write longer script for your headlines. Remember, this is what attracts your viewers to the show – if they aren’t good, then the rest of it won’t be. Grab their attentions immediately. I don’t think they quite did that this week.

AFC Totton vs Bridgwater – Elliot Buckley
-          First of all, am I right in thinking you showed the fight before the goal, even though the goal was first? “Bridgwater Town had taken the lead prior to this” – BIG, BIG NO. I don’t care how big of an incident it was….don’t show us something before we are meant to.
-          I like your VO – it’s calm and self-explanatory, but like Drew, just try and sell it more for us – sound excited about it! This is big for WINOL Sports – non league football! Really sell it to me. Also, just be wary of your accent. As I said last week, pronunciation is key, so do not rush your voice….be patient and take your time. It’s not a race to make the quickest VT.
-          Straight not to tell us EVERYTHING we are seeing. I can see it, so I don’t necessarily need you to tell me what I am already seeing. Think about ways to script your VT without stating the obvious.
-          Really like the end – quite funny actually and very receptive by the fans. Nice way to end it.
-          No post-match interviews? As I said to the others last week, for future reference I think this is a must every game.

Winchester v Christchurch – Rhodri Cannon
-          First of all Drew & Rhodri, well done for mentioning Leigh Mills but I think you’ve missed a trick here. That is a story within itself. There should have been two separate stories here – one for Leigh Mills and one for the game. Just a thought…..if you didn’t have enough to make a VT for Leigh Mills why not just do a link to the managers talking about him? Also, it was a short soundbyte…..I imagine more questions were asked how Mills, how Winchester were going to cope without him, his reasons for leaving. I know why because I asked some people and I read up on it but our viewers don’t. I would have linked to a straight up interview of the managers and ALL the reaction to Leigh Mills leaving Winchester. AND DON’T BE AFRAID TO RUN A LONGER INTERVIEW – IT’S BIG NEWS FOR THE LOCAL FOOTBALL TEAM – I WANT TO HEAR AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!
-          AND THEN….I would have come back in vision and gone with something like this….”Well with Mills having departed Winchester, the Citizens had to quickly regroup and turn their attentions to league against Christchurch on Tuesday night. Our reporter Rhodri Cannon was at the Denplan”
-          Right, Rhodri your match VT……first of all…..where on earth is the first goal? I saw the equaliser, but I didn’t see the opening goal. We must see it.
-          Penalties…….show the penalty incident EVERY TIME. Penalty incidents are talking points. Was it rightly awarded, was it not? The Christchurch manager at the end referenced those decisions yet we only saw the 2nd penalty incident. We have to see that too. Don’t leave anything out.
-          Is there a random cut during the celeb of the Own goal? It just cuts bizarrely – just double check the edit on that!
-          BIG, BIG NO Rhodri. “Winchester completed the rout, as they ran out 7-1 winners” – nice line, but where on earth are goals 5 and 6?! I don’t see them! There were 8 goals in this game and I haven’t seen 3 of them – HUGE RESULT AND SCORELINE! We want to see goals – was there a reason they were left out? Did you miss them? Or did yu choose not to put them in? Drop me an email and let me know.
-          VO was calm and collected again. Emphasis though – really sell this game to me! There’s always been a bit of a fear factor with voicing VT on WINOL – don’t be afraid to really go hard on your voiceover artistry.
-          “Rhodri Cannon, WINOL” – lose that completely! Just end your VT on the manager talking. It was a nice way to end. He was angry at the referee’s performances. The game has already finished and then you show the game still going on….get what I mean? Just end it on the manager. We didn’t need an SOQ there.

Ultimate Frisbee – Amy Catlin
-          Amy, I think you’ve done a great job with this. Your voiceover was great, it was informative, and I genuinely found the piece very interesting.
-          I even think the guy you interviewed was an intriguing and well-spoken man too.
-          There’s not a huge amount I can say to critique this in all honesty. I really enjoyed it.
-          I liked your OUTRO – you moved it forward by telling us when their next tournament is, so make sure we pursue that and get that on WINOL next time.
-          Overall this was a good VT, it was simple, it was interesting and it had that balance between feature-like and news-like. Very well done Amy.

-          Still some vast improvements to be made team but that will take time. It’s a new team so it will take some time to bed in. Just keep enhancing your camera, editing and voicing skills.
-          Drew, the duration is a real issue for me. I don’t know how restricted you are in terms of manpower but I think you need to get voicing a VT. You are sports editor, you lead the team and all we’ve seen from yu is presenting links for Sportsweek – this is YOUR show which you editorialise and control. You are the senior person on the sports team so set the bar high and the team will follow. Move away from the presenting next week- see if somebody else fancies a shot – get back out in the field and get working on those VTs.
-          I feel the VTs, particularly the football ones are a bit short. Are you telling that in 90 minutes of football we can only get 1’30 of game time into a VT. Don’t be afraid to go further and do more. I want to see as much of these games as possible. Sportsweek if your show guys, you are not restricted to a set time. We MUST start getting this show over 10 minutes and then expanding on that from there. There were some weeks as sports editor that I would film a game on a Saturday, edit it on the Sunday, then interview a sports personality on the Monday, edit that Monday/Tuesday daytime before going to film another game on the Tuesday night and having it all ready for the Wednesday WINOL News bulletin. It is hard work but you will reap the rewards of expanding your showreel, putting in the hours and making your work count. This is the perfect platform to do just that.
-          Keep working on those views – promote and plug your programme anywhere and everywhere – get those views up and running!

P.S. I have a full MOV. Exported version of a beIN Sports news bulletin I produced and Aarran presented a few months ago. I am more than happy to send to you all if you would like to see it as a guide on how to structure a sports news bulletin. I think it will really benefit you to see the standards that can be set. If you want to see it then please email and I will get it sent to you.

 If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me – my twitter is @G_Messenger or you can email me on

Friday, 10 October 2014

WINOL Sportsweek 8th October 2014 - Feedback

·         - First of all, it’s great to see Sportsweek back up and running for another year. I’m really looking forward to what you can all bring to the party throughout the coming months.
·         - Drew – nice work filming the links at the Camrose – it’s always nice to have a show like Sportsweek out in the open at venues. However, one thing that I immediately noticed was the fact the links were shot in the same place. I think I said this to you guys last year, don’t keep yourselves fixed on one spot in the ground, and if you have to – pick a better spot than the one you chose. Is that a bin behind you too? Not great to see.
·        -  Also, was this done a matchday? Could the links have been recorded with more people in the stadium? If not, then why have we done it in a moreorless empty stadium? No atmosphere in the ground, no atmosphere on the show.
·         - Presenting was good. Calm, composed, clear. I do want to see some enthusiasm in your voice though. Very monotone – try and give it some welly and sell the show to your viewers. I want to be encapsulated in the programme, not waiting for the end.

·         Have we scrapped headlines? They are a key part of the show. I think you need them. We need to tease what’s coming up on the programme.

Basingstoke Soccer AM Stadium – Marc Betts

·       -   Personally I would not have run this story as it is old but I understand why it has run because of it being the first week of WINOL and what not, it seems a crime not to do something on it.
·        -  “Attendances boost” – yeah, I’m sure they have, so where are the fans? All I see are about 5 players/officials talking on a pitch. That was a great opportunity to demonstrate the attendance boosting, think you missed a trick there.
·        -  Good work getting some sort of reaction from somebody at the club talking about the new stadium. However, why am I looking down on him? Could the camera have not been eye level with him? Just think about the height of your interviewee and the camera. Otherwise it was nicely framed and it was important to your VT, so well done.
·        -  Good work getting the plans for the new stadium. Whilst listening to this particular part though I noticed pronunciation issues in your VO. “Ability” sounded like “abilaee” and “Capacity” sounded like “capacaee” – I had issues on certain words and letters when voicing so just work hard to annunciate correctly – it goes a long way.
·         - Otherwise, you did what you could with this and I think it was a good news story to get the show up and running.

Basingstoke vs Whitehawk – Ross Perkins - First up, Drew’s link to the actual VT….in future never say “last night” – I watched this week’s programme on Friday and I know for a fact this game didn’t happen on a Thursday. Future reference…let’s say the day or don’t mention the day at all. Keep it current.
·         - Ross, I must praise your VO. It’s very good. You oscillate well and you know when to be more upbeat and you know the terminology and use it well to flow into what we are seeing. Good start.
·        -  The match sting….I really like these. Next time though - use the audio from the game and just have it bubbling underneath . The silence while waiting for the first piece of action was too awkward. Get the ‘atmos’ up underneath those stings.
·         - Well done getting a replay on Chris Flood’s goal – next time, use the audio from the main camera and just carry that under the replay. In the end I just heard slow motion sound from the fans behind the goal. Ruined the flow of your VT. Good stat about his 8th goal though – try and get these in every week.
·        -  I think you tell us too much of what we are seeing. Try not to do that. It is quite tricky in your early WINOL days but just try not to state the obvious. I can what’s happening, so just elaborate on what we are seeing with stats, facts, figures, etc.
·         - Not a fan of full time scenes at all. I don’t think you need them, except in certain circumstances. Also, check your audio mix from the last chance to the full time whistle – it was very harsh on the ears.
·        -  I like this though Ross. I’m not sure if this is your first time on WINOL but you have the elements of a match VT in good shape already. Just perfect the good bits and improve on the bad bits.
·         - Any post match interviews? I think these are a must for every reporter at every game. It’s great hearing your voice and seeing the game, but what about the players and staff involved in that game. They went top! How are they feeling? I don’t know because I didn’t hear from anybody. Just a thought for next time.

Totton v Taunton – Rhodri Cannon
- Match sting – audio underneath – very good. FYI Ross – this is what I meant in reference to your piece. Have a look at what Rhodri has done.
 - I don’t think you needed a replay on the Sherbourne chance. It didn’t come to anything – didn’t show us anything. Bit pointless.
- Okay, that Taunton goal. Two things:
1) Why did we see the build up to the goal so late? 
2) Where was the celebration? I counted 4 seconds. 4 seconds to show build up, goal AND celeb for the first goal of the game? Big NO.
- Good work on the red card. I felt the camera was moving a bit too much for me, but we saw the incident and the aftermath.
-The Totton goal has been cut well from main camera to celebration but did you say Ryan Flooks scored? So why did the graphic say Rob Flooks? Either way it’s a fatal error. What is his name? I don’t even know now! You must ensure every part of your VT, from voicing to visual GFX are correct.
- Winning goal – well done with the replay. That replay was used to good effect
- Your sign off – “Rhodri Cannon, WINOL, Totton” – well, I do not know if this is a style guide you have on the course but I know you are in Totton. Unless you’re in Europe for  Champions League game or you are doing a piece to camera it doesn’t work, next time, just “Rhodri Cannon, WINOL”
- Good work Rhodri – action packed game! Like Ross – get some post match interviews please.
- Like Drew, just a bit more enthusiasm in your voice next time!

Fleet Town Ladies – Rachel Gunter
·         - Okay, the link to this tells me the story straight away. £6000….and then what do we do in the VT….we repeat exactly what Drew says. We must focus on our links and our opening lines in VTs – keep them different – why are we repeating ourselves?
·        -  Kevin Jordan actually speaks very well. I actually find it quite interesting listening to him as I did not know about this story. So good work on getting him and more importantly using the best quotes.
·         - Really like your piece to camera. Good work – very informative, clear and well shot.
·         - Big fan of this. It’s simple, it’s clear and it tells us the story and it attracts a local audience which is exactly what WINOL should be doing this early in the year.

-  This is a real issue for me and always has been – even when I was in charge of Sports on WINOL. I don’t know how stretched you are in terms of manpower of equipment but the duration of the programme. A week of sport and all that we have out of it is 6 minutes 38 seconds? That must improve in my opinion. 4 reports coming to 6 and a half minutes is not good enough. As a rule, WINOL Sportsweek should really be over the 10 minute mark every week –please think about new ways to expand and enhance the programme.
 - Views…..another big problem I had and still have. When I first watched this (on Friday night) this show on Youtube had 28 views. Why so little? When I was in charge of Sports I was averaging between 1500-2000 views every week with a top weekly viewing just on youtube of nearly 4000. Why do the work if nobody is going to see it? It is so important that as a sports team you promote YOUR sports programme. Non-league forums, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, anything to get people watching your show – Drew this is your responsibility mainly as sports editor but it’s just as important that all of you get on board and encourage people to watch the work you do!
·        -  I don’t think you need the credits – nobody knows you. May I suggest a weekly closer? A musical round up of all the action we’ve seen this week on WINOL Sportsweek. Food for thought next time.
·         It’s a good start though guys, and being the first week, I don’t expect a masterclass from everybody. But the elements are there and the structure is there – now let’s think of ways we can expand it in an editorial, technical and creative sense. When you do something good, how can you do it better? Always be looking to improve.  

    If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me – my twitter is @G_Messenger or you can email me on

Monday, 10 February 2014

CM Punk - the voice of the people, not just WWE

His unexpected, yet dramatic exit from WWE has sent shockwaves throughout the world of professional wrestling. With the company so obsessed with creating a legacy within its current crop of mid-card mediocre entertainers, its most prized asset is walking - a free man and even better than before.

For those believing this is merely another scripted stunt pulled by WWE, one which would mirror the events of mid-2011 - think again. Back then, while the outspoken Punk made a scathing speech concerning the way the company was run which involved an on-air rant at owner Vince McMahon, this was simply a ploy ingested by Talent to create a new, fresher side to the performer regularly referenced to as the "Straight Edge Wannabee". This time around, Punk's flee from the WWE is real, and one for which WWE itself should fear.

CM Punk is more than just a professional wrestler. He is more than just an entertainer. CM Punk is the sort of character they should be cherishing. A rare breed that nowadays is more than a hard task to find. Punk walked into the WWE, an opinionated, brash boy and has transformed into a meticulous, hard-working creator. Another asset Punk has in his locker is his ability to transfix his audience with his speeches. His talent in the ring, matched only by his magic on the microphone. He is a wordsmith - an artist of the microphone. In the modern PG era of WWE, the rarity of having this talent on your front door is simply too much to stand. His engaging, philosophical rants down the mic make him not just a technically gifted wrestler, but an exquisite all round performer - some may even say, "The Best in the World". And, for those who question his true worth, and continue to be fooled by the transparent "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect" John Cena machine, then I bid thee a farewell. Cena himself is an excellent entertainer, but his wrestling skills and ability with a mic leave a lot to be desired. The Punk-Cena fiasco of 2011 proved just that. Punk was the better man, and always will be. Straight Edge or not, he has earned his self-imposed tag.

The WWE universe has now realised what Punk's worth truly is. He encapsulates everything WWE used to be. The attitude era which dawned the forever living legacy of the company. His natural talent in engaging the crowd, standing up for his beliefs, and physically proving his formula works is a whole lot more than just a simple admiration. Vince McMahon knows this, and rumours circulating on the pro-wrestling grapevine firmly suggest that he is dealing with this incident personally, after the scripted insanity from company COO Paul Michael Levesque, more commonly known as Triple H. Triple H's obsession with his former troupe Evolution, consisting of Randy Orton, Batista and Ric Flair leave a lot to be desired. Orton is current reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the first in history. While Batista returned from a four-year wrestling exodus to suddenly become the greatest wrestler on the planet, winning the Royal Rumble match and henceforth becoming the number one contender to Orton's title at Wrestlemania 30. This, my friends, is the reason behind CM Punk's walk-out.

It's not a signal of jealousy or contempt for Batista, but more an opposition of the dreadful man management by Triple H. For somebody who's life has been ingrained in the professional wrestling background, and even provoking the creation of rebellious group D-Generation X, Triple H has merely become a corporate suck up so engrossed with his own creations and his own ego, that he feels the need to feed his pathetic self-righteousness. Punk's issue is with WWE Creative, not the individuals, because Punk's influence on the individuals making the decisions is what's making him a threat. WWE Creative has royally screwed its most valuable wrestler, and for what? So Mr Dave Batista can get a large wedge before he flies off into the distance smiling more than a Cheshire cat? Do me a favour. Talk in and around the wrestling circuit made no secret of the fact that while some were pleased with Punk's sudden decision to leave, the majority were left in a state of shock. Punk was, and never has been the most liked performer inside and outside the ring, but what Punk was good at, was being the voice for the ones who felt like they had no voice to give. Punk has never been afraid of the overpaid, over-hyped monkeys running what used to be a highly reputable wrestling organisation. He stood up to the hypocrisy which exists within the core of World Wrestling Entertainment. Vince McMahon remains at the top of that organisation, but has become so obsessed with the PG policy that any attitude era that ever existed is more than just a distant memory. It is now merely a myth. While the returns of The Rock and Brock Lesnar over the past few years have added some gloss to a company which is wreaking of trouble, the very fabric of which the company is now run on is flawed. Talk of McMahon personally dealing with the Punk exit speaks volumes of the kind of carnage one man brings, but it's a man McMahon knows he cannot afford to lose.

Some may say Punk is simply a flash in the pan wise guy who thinks he can say whatever he likes. Others may say he's a spoilt brat who throws his toys out the pram when he doesn't get what he wants. Even more will say he's always been an average wrestler. The majority meanwhile will relish in the fact that CM Punk leaving has sent massive alarm bells ringing around the WWE. Major talk of fans being ejected from live shows for chanting Punk's name or holding up Punk banners proves the company we all believed to be the best ever for professional wrestling has no answers to a man who has quite frankly rattled their egotistical nature. Punk sleeps, breathes and lives wrestling. It is the career he was born to do. It is more than just dancing around a ring making yourself look hurt to entertain the kids and millions of adults across the globe. It is a piece of artwork in which, if carefully but efficiently approached, you can become one of the greatest of all-time. That tag has been thrown around more times by the WWE than somebody kissing Vince McMahon's arse and that's a lot!

The main problem McMahon now has is attempting to persuade his most notorious but cut throat extraordinaire to return to the 4-sided circle. It may be a case of begging and pleading, or it may be a case of paying extra dollar to convince the man to come out of the shadows. But neither of which will be the real objective of his outcry. Punk simply wants what is right for the hard-workers of the company. If they go unappreciated while the "legends" of WWE scoop up the equivalent to a lottery win, then where is the justice there? Punk's not the man to take the company forward if that's where they see their future. Punk is a rebel, and rebels usually suffer for years in silence, but for once, the hierarchy is losing its fans, losing its bottle and losing its performers. It just so happens, that this particular performer, happens to be the Best in the World.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

WINOL Sportsweek Feedback 23/10/2013


  •          It’s seems far too monotone for me, Tom, and just by watching your body language, it seems more of a struggle than a pleasure to be presenting the programme. You seem to be squinting as well.
  •      “I’m here at the Camrose stadium” – Yes, you are. But why are you there? Is it a Matchday? If it was a matchday, could this have been done on the pitch while the players were warming up? I know full well it can as I did a PTC while the players came out of the tunnel before. If it’s not a matchday, why have you turned up to an empty venue?  All I can see here is you, some horrible metal work at the bottom on the frame and an empty stand. Why was this not done in the actual stand where you can see seating? – I think “I’m here at..” should be banned from now on. While it’s interesting to know where you are, there are more creative ways to introduce your location.
  •       I like the fact you moved position for the 2nd link into Tate’s story, but why is it just 5 yards up from where you were previously? It seems lazy.
  •     The same position for the start and beginning – where’s the initiative and creativity?
  •     I do like however that a sporting venue was chosen - well done team – but I don’t think this was used to its full potential.

  • ·         The headlines are good in terms of the ordering of the stories; however I really think bringing the presenter back in vision midway through each headline is poor. It looks messy and pointless. Let’s stop that and use longer shots in the headlines – remember it doesn’t need to be rushed.
  •       The headlines themselves are scripted well – they engage us, although I’m not overly sure about the quotes for Strevens used. “BS tells us about his time in the Football League” “Yeah I broke my leg, I broke this, I broke that” – yeah, it happened, but surely we can use when he talks about being at Watford early on instead?

  • ·         Absolutely love this intro, Laura. Very, very good work. You have used a quote from the manager reflecting on a previous result to engage the viewer and hence link onto the rest of your piece.
  •        Pronunciation is great too.
  •      “Captain Wes Daly leading the game” – I’m not sure on this. “Leading the game” doesn’t strike me – perhaps “firing an early chance just over the crossbar” or something along those lines?
  •     Why are you so far from the action? How can we identify anybody? Follow the ball, follow the action, and get tight in on it. Make the viewer feel like they are at the game, in the thick of it.
  •      I like what you’ve done with the yellow card, however I personally wouldn’t have used it. Unless he later gets sent off, it’s a bit redundant and feels like it’s been put in for the sake of it.
  •      Please don’t show replays on chances which show nothing. It was a header over the bar – could you have perhaps mentioned the Wolverhampton Wanderers line in the wide shot on the effort?
  •     “Match looking as dismal as the weather” – I usually like these sorts of lines, however, my argument would be is…can we see the weather? Was there any past reference to the weather? If not, then don’t mention the weather unless we see it or hear about it before hand. To me, watching it, it just seems cloudy – a typical day in England, then!
  •         Good work using the replay for the goal – it was a good angle, however we MUST see the ball hit the back of the net. We don’t. We see the players and the post.
  •     Next time, carry the sound from the goal underneath the video of the replay – that’s what you should try at every single opportunity. I noticed the audio cutting – if you bring the sound along it gives it a more natural transition from one picture to another. 
  •     Not sure the free-kick was of any relevance. It was a terrible effort and not really interesting.
  •      Good work with the post-match interview, it’s always fascinating to hear what anybody has to say about their team’s results – try and get somebody different to Jason next time round (although he is always more than happy to be interviewed) - I also like the cut to the players on the pitch – well done with that, but next time, can we get closer? On the pitch? Let’s see the player’s faces up close and get a feel for the game.

  • ·         Well done getting Ben, Tate.  I think it adds a whole different dimension to the whole because it feels more like a sports programme, instead of just seeing highlights all the time.
  •       Your PTC is very similar to the link Tom gives. Rule for everybody – try and keep these different. Let’s be thorough in what is being said, and make sure we don’t repeat one another.
  •      Also, another suspect of the “I’m here at…” line. No thank you. Angus pointed this out when I spoke to him. Be more creative.
  •      Also, the sound is very tinny. Why did it sound like that? Was anybody filming this with you? 
  •      The framing of the interview is good – perhaps we could go a bit tighter next time?
  •      The background of the interview though? Could you have done it with the goal behind him? Or him next to a post? Not buildings. No buildings. 
  •      I do not know what those shots over the top are. It seems like a load of shots have been logged for the sake of it. Don’t use random shots to paint what your piece is about. Make sure they are relevant. From now on, I propose that if you have an interviewed lined up, get as many CLOSE-UPS of those players filmed on put onto a timeline so everybody knows where to access them.
  •       HOWEVER, you used the Dover images well to paint over when he was talking about Dover – MORE OF THAT!
  •       The interview itself is actually quite interesting. Especially when he talks about Watford, etc. The injury talk is also interesting (I don’t think that particular quote used for the headlines was the main news line from this interview though)
  •       Why did you give a sign-off? It seems quite needless to show random footage of a corner just to say who you were and where you were. Just end on the interview, or better yet, give Ben a ball and ask him to do some keepy-uppys. 
  •           Otherwise, Tate, this is good. Great to get something different in there. Use these tips in future.
  •  Well done Tom for getting this in, in some capacity. We can tell you have voiced this in a studio or with a gun mic though. Give us the more natural feel. We won’t see you in shot, so if you have to read it off a bit of paper at the ground, then by all means do.
  • I have no idea what relevance Doug Rowe had to do with that. This was a poor editorial decision. You go off the back of a real sports news story into a Winchester striker from 3 years ago scoring a similar goal to a Premier League player. YES, use it, but editorially, the decision to use it should not have been there.
  • Also…who is Kasami? I know who he is, you know who he is, but does EVERYBODY watching know who he is? I doubt it. Explain who he is and why you are mentioning him. Who did Fulham play on Monday? Not everybody will know. Don’t assume your audience watches EVERY single bit of sport possible. Tell the viewer the story, and get them engaged in what you are telling them.
DODGEBALL – Charlie Gardiner

  • ·        I slammed university sports last week and I usually do, but what I want you all to do is to not use university football – you have 4/5 non-league sides on your front doorstep, so university football is just a step down.
  •       So, having said that, this dodgeball piece is interesting. The link is factual – GOOD and the intro is factual –ALSO GOOD.
  •       Charlie, your voiceover is not great. While you have good pronunciation, where is the enthusiasm? Where is the “oomph”? There is none. This is a feature, not a eulogy.
  •       5:47-5:50 is 3 seconds of madness with the camera. What are you doing? He’s not moving, yet the camera is all over the place. Let’s be careful with what we are filming. You may one day miss a crucial moment with a big story because your filming is careless.
  •       The framing of this interview is all wrong. I can see what you’re trying to do by getting the players in the background, and that’s great, but why can’t you just move to the other side of the camera and get him looking in the direction of where the players are behind him? This really struck out for me when I first watched Sportsweek. Framing is everything, and this really lets what could have been a great feature down.
  •           The sound on the interview is quite tough as well – as I said to Laura last week, use a radio mic as often as possible in that hall because it’s so hard to judge. I made that mistake once, so you live and learn!
  •      In terms of your scripting, it’s really good. I think factually it has some interesting information – like the stat about winning in 16 seconds is great, so honestly well done with that.
  •      I would have liked to have seen you get involved - would be good TV to see the reporter get involved with the dodgeball getting hit by the balls.

  • ·       A definite improvement from last week but still a lot of work to do to get it to the level it was two/three years ago. That will take hard work and commitment, but please don’t be fazed by that. You get out of WINOL by what you put in.
  •       Every piece of criticism you receive, use it constructively. WINOL can be draining and disheartening, but remember guest editors and lecturers may one day be your friends & colleagues in the industry, so listen, take it all on board and get to know the people that come in to help YOU.
  •       Thomas Baxter – let’s have a package from you this week. I think it’s vitally important we see this ‘editorship’ side from you. Remember, it’s more than just presenting and fixing the show up. You have to be included in what your team is doing and be at the heart of the operation. You have to support your team, just like they have to support you. Sports teams particularly are all about teamwork and advising each other and taking on board what everybody has to say. Once that team discipline returns, then Sportsweek can progress. At the moment, it’s very, very jagged around the edges, but I firmly believe we can fix this and get it going smoothly again. If Sportsweek is not up to scratch, then WINOL is not up to scratch. Remember that.
  •        I am very concerned about the length of the programme. I understand it is hard, but you have to suck every opportunity at any given moment and use it to its full potential – I propose printing off every fixture to the 4 teams we cover (Eastleigh, Basingstoke, Totton, Winchester) – I did this, and I pinned them to the sports board. Saturday games, and Tuesday night games MUST be filmed and packaged up. Especially Tuesdays because they are your most recent games therefore it is NEW. Tuesday nights are a must. They were done in my time, and they will be done in your time.
  •      Congratulations everybody – we are slowly making small steps to improvement. Be pleased with your work and take pride in your work.
I look forward to seeing the next WINOL Sportsweek, and feel free to email me at or