Monday, 31 October 2011


I'll keep this one short and sweet for this week guys. Don't want to bore you with my words. But do please take in note the feedback here and just have a think about some of the things I say.

Sam - Very well filmed, especially at a ground like Alresford. Very tricky. The voiceover was much better as well. And you adjusted well and created different camera angles by yourself.

Mikey - SOUND IS TOO HIGH. And please learn how to export a video by yourself. Otherwise, well done, the filming isn't particularly great - looks very dark to me, so just be sure that when filming the footage isn't too bright or toodark - give yourself something good to work with. I don't think we used the second camera angle well enough during this game. We have like 3 seconds of the second camera, we need more.

Jake - We worked hard on this Tuesday night and personally it has come out really well. Few technical things, the sound of you when you are on screen is a little loud but we had no battery for the radio mics so we had to make do and work with it, it just sounds a shade distorted. Very well filmed from both angles, so considering you haven't done sport in quite a time this was really good, and the new ideas are great. Hopefully we can press on and continue with them. Thank you for offering your help to film this week.

Dael - Very good again really. Maybe let's have more highlights - it just seems to be goals, goals and goals at the minute. Let's have some more chances, but another great shot of Baird and interview. Great shot of the sub coming on. The commentary of Mikey was good underneath. I think it's something we all need to work on.

Henry - I liked the piece on Rugby. Loved the effort you put in and how organised you were. Very well done, you gave us something different and that's what we need in Sport. Variations, creativity. A mixture of the lot. Wind noise was a problem with interviews - just be sure to hold the mic a bit tighter to you and to the interviewee. Maybe needed the shot of that man digging but for obvious reasons that couldn't happen. Well done though.

Connolly - I've never in my life known an Ice Hockey game to end 1-0. But, now I have. Well filmed again, your footage has been looking a little more yellow than normal the last week or two so just keep an eye on that for next time.

Julie - Well presented. It was difficult for you with all those names but well done and good effort.

Next Week

Dael has Basingstoke in the FA Cup. William has kindly volunteered this weekend and has the AFC Totton game, also in the FA Cup. BOTH TEAMS GOT THROUGH AND THEY WILL FACE BRENTFORD AWAY, AND BRADFORD PARK AVENUE, RESPECTIVELY IN THE FIRST ROUND PROPER SO WE MUST MAKE A BIG DEAL ABOUT THAT.
Mikey has Eastleigh WINOL Woodwork which should be good. Henry has Winchester Rugby. Sam was at Winchester with MA student Aarran who has done a commentary for us whilst Sound Radio is offline. Connolly was at the Ice Hockey.
I will present this week.

Thanks you for all your hard work, and well done. We are nearing 500 views, just on youtube for this weeke's sportsweek so brilliant, and we WILL have another brand new opening sequence with a few small changes the new one from last week.

Signing out for now.

Your Sports Editor,


Friday, 14 October 2011


This week on Sport we have received some fantastic feedback from Angus, Brian, Chris and our guest editor for the bulletin Rachael Canter. So ye again, I can only thank you and congratulate you on all the hard work we have put in this week, but we must remember the hard work cannot stop now - we must continue this and work to improve every week.

Dael - I am have been very impressed with how quickly you have settled in and adapted to this role at Eastleigh. The fact you travelled away to Eastbourne to film a game out of your own time is fantastic, and to be there on your own is even better. Some technical notes for next week. Be sure to check your camera to see if the settings are done right before you even travel to the game. The last thing you want is to get there in a rush and realise the camera is all over the place. The widescreen image makes your package look messy, but the footage you have actually filmed is very well shot, and you have taken notice of the cuts to the celebrations and carrying the sound. Also, I don't know if you noticed but there is a black spot in your package just before the third Eastbourne goal. Just make sure you look through and cut out any unnecessary mistakes. Just makes it look a little untidy. The interview with Ian Baird as well is very well framed too! Your voiceover is clearly read, and the script is much better. More stats and facts and it was interesting to listen to and to more importantly watch. Well done.

Mikey - Presenting wise, I think that's the best sportsweek presentation I have seen in a while. Confident, clear and energetic on screen. Well done, and your package is very well shot, and very well scripted yet again. Same as Dael though, be sure to check the camera settings are adjusted correctly before getting to the game.

Aimee - Classic performance with the tables. Good work, and I will try to include more into the programme as we go on this term.

Henry - MUCH BETTER VOICEOVER. Clear, more animation and well scripted. You sounded a lot more interested this week mate, and what I like about you is that you come in, do your work to a good standard and offer your services elsewhere in sport or WINOL entirely. That's really good work mate and I hope you are enjoying your role. I would like to just see you get even more animated with your voiceover, make it sound like it was a brilliant game and keep the audience intrigued. Filming was spot on again.

Sam - A hard week for you mate but you have worked really hard and you have produced a package which probably suited you. I said to you to be creative and experiment with final cut pro and that is exactly what you did, and even thoughit wasn't as newsworthy as we waned it to be, you made the most of it and you put a lot of effort in. I have spoken to you already about your package but just as a reference on here, remember with interviews, get to their eyeline, bring the tripod down, get them to stand up, do whatever you can to make your VT look brilliant. I loved the changes in speed as wel with some of your shots, especially the one with the moving grass. It would been nice to get some really good shots of athletes but obviously no-one was there so you had to adjust. Well listened when I said to get some shots on the ground and some zooms. It made the package look so much better than just a plain old empty stand from a distance. Good work and looking forward to Boxing this week coming!

Connolly - Very very good AGAIN. You did so well to cut all of them goals in the Ice Hockey into a one minute 30 seconds VT, and I'm glad the replay looked good. It added something dfferent to the piece and we were lucky we got an incident like that occur. As said in the debrief, the first two goals look IDENTICAL so just try and get a cutaway shot in there to create a gap in there because it just looks like the same goal. I will get you doing some football soon, but I think you are so settled in this role at Bison at the moment that I think it's important we keep the highlights consistent for the first few weeks until we can mix it up.


1) Michael Connolly will present Sportsweek. If anybody wants a go at presenting the bulletin let me know.

2) Basingstoke Bison player/coach Steve Moria is 90% coming in on Tuesday for an in-studio analysis/chat for Sportsweek. I am going to confirm on Monday, so if he does, talk to him and make him feel welcome.

3) Dael, Mikey and Henry will go to Eastleigh to film. Mikey you have an idea of what I expect, but I want a camera behind the goal Eastleigh are attacking (just to the side of the post), and I would like another cameraman running up and down the line with the play - so close images of throw ins. Dael, this will be your package and you will need to organise meeting Mikey and Henry so you can all go together. Also, could you phone Eastleigh and let them know that three of you will be there.

4) Sam and I will be going to Basingstoke to do a 2 camera shot. This will be my package again Sam because I want you to focus on your Boxing piece on Monday night.

5)Connolly can you do Bison again please? If Steve is in on Tuesday we will need Bison highlights to refer to so I will need Bison again this weekend, and I will do my upmost to get somebody along to help you film and be imaginative over the next couple of weeks.

6)Henry, I'd like you to work on a dodgeball feature please. We need new sports, and we need university sports. So this is your main project this weekend and this week coming. Let me know if you get anywhere with that.

7) Sam, well done arranging that Boxing piece. Looking forward to that, remember what I told you - lots of shots, close ups and general views, interview with lots of people. Make it what you want to make it. Experiment and have some fun with it.

8) Mikey, can you try and get me an Olympics story this week please? I know you worked hard last week but we really need something strong. And also, can you get in touch with Totton and get a WINOL Woodwork sorted. I can come with you and help you film if need be.

8)Tonight (Friday) there is a chance I will be interviewing former Zimbabwe international cricketer Henry Olonga in Alresford so let's hope that pulls through!

9)IMPORTANT - My phone has currently been blocked so I cannot message or make calls to anybody, so if you need me you will have to ring me and ring me until I pick up, or instead find someone else to get hold of and let me know. I am currently trying to resolve the problem with Orange. So, as I cannot ring I need EVERYONE to make sure they have a camera booked out for this weekend please, and if you don't have one booked them let me know asap! I already have 2 HD kits booked out but do not want to book one out for everybody if I can. Also, use old tapes if you have to for the 2nd and 3rd camera angles and only film when action is near you to get the best available shots. New tapes for stand camera please.

10)We are not hitting our target audience quick enough. I must stress the importance of our audience and our views. Having the views and having the audience is what gets us the top marks. I do not think we're doing enough promoting. The only one or two who has sat putting the link on forums, blogs, twitter accounts, facebook pages are myself and Dael. Sam put it on his facebook but you have to remember not everyone will look at that. We need it literally EVERYWHERE. Mikey and Connolly you need to plug and promote. You guys know how important they are and I haven't seen any of it from you guys so please please take 10-15 minutes out of your time. Same with you Henry - get the highlights on the Rugby website please!

11) Match reports into Aimee ASAP! The individual video highlights will be on "winolsports" today.

Well done this week lads. A very good and successful week! eep it going, work together, work hard, and work quickly.

Thanks a lot,

Your Sports Editor


Saturday, 8 October 2011


General points

• This week was our first Sportsweek for this year, and I consider it a successful one in terms of productivity and content, but in terms of views we are way behind what we should be targeting. We need to attract a larger scale audience, and I think it’s important to emphasise how important the viewers are for us. If we do not get people watching our programme then all the work we put in goes to waste.
• I can only thank and congratulate people on the hard work and effort they have put in this week, and it was good to see all of you working hard and putting in 100%. The second years especially (Dael, Henry and Sam) I am very impressed with the work and commitment you are putting in. Hopefully, these first two weeks on WINOL have given you an idea of how intense it can be, and trust it will get harder because I will be pushing everybody to produce more content, better quality and to be quicker in terms of editing.
• We need to sharpen up on our camera skills. Visually it was good to watch. Mikey obviously we had your mistake in terms of the settings at the Totton game. You should know better than this and we should not really be having errors like that from somebody who has been on sport for 3 terms, but as a positive, your scripting was fantastic as per usual and you worked hard to get to Totton and edit it down quickly so well done. Sam, we had an issue with the colour of your package. I put the ND filter on but I still stick that it was the best plan because it was so bright at Winchester and we did not want to risk any overexposure.

Individual Feedback

• Dael – In terms of presenting Dael, I think you did very well. You seem clear, focused and exciting to watch which is good. Hopefully the experience of presenting Sportsweek will give you some much needed training for when you come to present the actual bulletin. In terms of your package, visually it was good. We had some good shots and a lot of action in a short space of time. As a critical comment, I think we need some work on your scripting of your piece because at the moment it is (This person scored a goal, then 10 minutes later this person scored again) – it’s a little repetitive and we need to just brighten up the package and make it more exciting. Also, try and put in more cutaways of celebrations. As soon as the goal is scored, cut to the close up celebration and carry the sound long. Angus loves that, and it just looks and sounds so much better. But other than that, well done and keep working hard.
• Mikey – As I said, no comments about scripting as it was very ood and I especially like the introduction to the piece. In terms of filming, just another error again which is becoming a common trend with you my friend. Just make sure everything is set up a good half hour or so before a game so that when it comes to kick-off there are no obvious amendments that need to be made putting you in a rush. You will present Sportsweek this week and hopefully we get an Olympics story from you soon!
• Sam – You looked like you enjoyed it and for a first time out filming you did well. It was very tricky with the sunlight as it was so bright, and in terms of filming the goals and keeping the camera steady on that rickety stand you kept your composure. Think we need some help on your scripting too. There are too many gaps in your package. Remember to introduce an interview by putting in some clever commentary, I don’t want to hear “Guy Butters said” so maybe go for something like “Manager Guy Butters was pleased with his side’s display” or something like that. Try and fill out the package as well, at times it was too quiet and felt a little boring so just fill out the voiceover with bits of information about the game. Maybe some stats. We love stats. E.g. “Jamie White completed his hattrick on 75 minutes......the former Southampton striker scoring his first goals for the club after a quiet start to his Winchester career” something different. As for your presenting n the bulletin, I still actually haven’t seen it but I have spoken to Will and he said you were very very good so well done in that department and I hope you enjoyed the experience.
• Henry – Rugby is hard to film and can get quite boring because usually at games like this there isn’t a massive crowd, but the filming is very good. I think we spoke about your voiceover, it is a little too slow, and it sounds like you are really bored, but I think that’s you being over cautious more than anything else, so try and get a bit excited about it! Very good though, and I was impressed with how switched on you were this week and how determined you were to get the work done.
• Connolly – I cannot really criticise this week. Best package of the week by far. It was an exciting game that had everything, and you may sure you had some close up shots, of skates, helmets, pucks etc so really good. Your voiceover was very good as well (with a little help from Angus) – you got excited about it and that’s what we need. We need vibrancy so that’s good. P.S. NEVER SAY “DOOKED IT OUT” EVER EVER AGAIN.

Next Week

• Even though we were organised and committed last week, I want the same this week. So as soon as the debrief finished start editing and get your work done as quickly as you can to a very good standard.
• We need sports news stories. I need everybody to come in with ideas. Can be absolutely anything, come in with something and then we can go on with that. I found it insulting that only a few people “enjoy watching sport” during the bulletin, because let’s face it, they wouldn’t know how to work at the intensity we do. Let’s just remember that on average Sportsweek finds 800-1000 viewers each week so let’s make a point to everybody and keep that record going and more importantly, improve it. I don’t want us to prove anything to anybody else in WINOL, we just do what we have to do. I’m not making this a war, but I think some appreciation is required by the WINOL team as a whole for the work we put in because we work on weekends whereas they literally come in on Mondays and get given a story or find it there and then. So let’s come in with some news stories, with some different new sports, some feature ideas. Let’s work hard to receive the reward we deserve.
• We’re not promoting Sportsweek enough. Facebook, Twitter and emails is not enough. We need to get our show on clubs’ websites; we need to get their fans watching it. We need to get away supporters watching and supporting it. I will be writing our total views on the board and I will set us targets. If we do not reach that target, I consider it a fail.
• Work on voiceovers. It is vital we get our scripting sorted soon. Anybody who needs some help or advice go to Mikey as he is very good. Any technical issues come to me.
• I need links written to me early on Tuesday. Try not to write a link which is similar to your first line so for example NONE OF THIS, “Dael Gornall was at Eastbourne to see if Eastleigh could kickstart their season.” ------ROLLVT ----- “Eastleigh were looking to kickstart their season at Eastbourne this weekend” – it sound smessy, so links into me for Sportsweek as soon as on Tuesday so if we need to mix them up and change them we will.
• Mikey Smith will present Sportsweek this week, and Aimee Pickering will do the Tables.
• If anybody wants a shot at presenting the bulletin let me know. I haven’t got anybody in particular in mind at the moment so let me know. If not I may give it to Jake and have an OB from outside, well that isn’t up to me but I’ll pitch the idea to William
• Mikey is now doing the Winchester package because Sam is away, so Sam I need a news or features piece from you please! A womens team? A university side? Have a think and pitch it to me Monday.

Thanks you for everybody’s hard work. Please do not feel like I’m having a go, just take this as constructive criticism for everybody to learn from. Keep the hard work going, be committed, work together, be a team.

Your Sports Editor