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WINOL Sportsweek Feedback 23/10/2013


  •          It’s seems far too monotone for me, Tom, and just by watching your body language, it seems more of a struggle than a pleasure to be presenting the programme. You seem to be squinting as well.
  •      “I’m here at the Camrose stadium” – Yes, you are. But why are you there? Is it a Matchday? If it was a matchday, could this have been done on the pitch while the players were warming up? I know full well it can as I did a PTC while the players came out of the tunnel before. If it’s not a matchday, why have you turned up to an empty venue?  All I can see here is you, some horrible metal work at the bottom on the frame and an empty stand. Why was this not done in the actual stand where you can see seating? – I think “I’m here at..” should be banned from now on. While it’s interesting to know where you are, there are more creative ways to introduce your location.
  •       I like the fact you moved position for the 2nd link into Tate’s story, but why is it just 5 yards up from where you were previously? It seems lazy.
  •     The same position for the start and beginning – where’s the initiative and creativity?
  •     I do like however that a sporting venue was chosen - well done team – but I don’t think this was used to its full potential.

  • ·         The headlines are good in terms of the ordering of the stories; however I really think bringing the presenter back in vision midway through each headline is poor. It looks messy and pointless. Let’s stop that and use longer shots in the headlines – remember it doesn’t need to be rushed.
  •       The headlines themselves are scripted well – they engage us, although I’m not overly sure about the quotes for Strevens used. “BS tells us about his time in the Football League” “Yeah I broke my leg, I broke this, I broke that” – yeah, it happened, but surely we can use when he talks about being at Watford early on instead?

  • ·         Absolutely love this intro, Laura. Very, very good work. You have used a quote from the manager reflecting on a previous result to engage the viewer and hence link onto the rest of your piece.
  •        Pronunciation is great too.
  •      “Captain Wes Daly leading the game” – I’m not sure on this. “Leading the game” doesn’t strike me – perhaps “firing an early chance just over the crossbar” or something along those lines?
  •     Why are you so far from the action? How can we identify anybody? Follow the ball, follow the action, and get tight in on it. Make the viewer feel like they are at the game, in the thick of it.
  •      I like what you’ve done with the yellow card, however I personally wouldn’t have used it. Unless he later gets sent off, it’s a bit redundant and feels like it’s been put in for the sake of it.
  •      Please don’t show replays on chances which show nothing. It was a header over the bar – could you have perhaps mentioned the Wolverhampton Wanderers line in the wide shot on the effort?
  •     “Match looking as dismal as the weather” – I usually like these sorts of lines, however, my argument would be is…can we see the weather? Was there any past reference to the weather? If not, then don’t mention the weather unless we see it or hear about it before hand. To me, watching it, it just seems cloudy – a typical day in England, then!
  •         Good work using the replay for the goal – it was a good angle, however we MUST see the ball hit the back of the net. We don’t. We see the players and the post.
  •     Next time, carry the sound from the goal underneath the video of the replay – that’s what you should try at every single opportunity. I noticed the audio cutting – if you bring the sound along it gives it a more natural transition from one picture to another. 
  •     Not sure the free-kick was of any relevance. It was a terrible effort and not really interesting.
  •      Good work with the post-match interview, it’s always fascinating to hear what anybody has to say about their team’s results – try and get somebody different to Jason next time round (although he is always more than happy to be interviewed) - I also like the cut to the players on the pitch – well done with that, but next time, can we get closer? On the pitch? Let’s see the player’s faces up close and get a feel for the game.

  • ·         Well done getting Ben, Tate.  I think it adds a whole different dimension to the whole because it feels more like a sports programme, instead of just seeing highlights all the time.
  •       Your PTC is very similar to the link Tom gives. Rule for everybody – try and keep these different. Let’s be thorough in what is being said, and make sure we don’t repeat one another.
  •      Also, another suspect of the “I’m here at…” line. No thank you. Angus pointed this out when I spoke to him. Be more creative.
  •      Also, the sound is very tinny. Why did it sound like that? Was anybody filming this with you? 
  •      The framing of the interview is good – perhaps we could go a bit tighter next time?
  •      The background of the interview though? Could you have done it with the goal behind him? Or him next to a post? Not buildings. No buildings. 
  •      I do not know what those shots over the top are. It seems like a load of shots have been logged for the sake of it. Don’t use random shots to paint what your piece is about. Make sure they are relevant. From now on, I propose that if you have an interviewed lined up, get as many CLOSE-UPS of those players filmed on put onto a timeline so everybody knows where to access them.
  •       HOWEVER, you used the Dover images well to paint over when he was talking about Dover – MORE OF THAT!
  •       The interview itself is actually quite interesting. Especially when he talks about Watford, etc. The injury talk is also interesting (I don’t think that particular quote used for the headlines was the main news line from this interview though)
  •       Why did you give a sign-off? It seems quite needless to show random footage of a corner just to say who you were and where you were. Just end on the interview, or better yet, give Ben a ball and ask him to do some keepy-uppys. 
  •           Otherwise, Tate, this is good. Great to get something different in there. Use these tips in future.
  •  Well done Tom for getting this in, in some capacity. We can tell you have voiced this in a studio or with a gun mic though. Give us the more natural feel. We won’t see you in shot, so if you have to read it off a bit of paper at the ground, then by all means do.
  • I have no idea what relevance Doug Rowe had to do with that. This was a poor editorial decision. You go off the back of a real sports news story into a Winchester striker from 3 years ago scoring a similar goal to a Premier League player. YES, use it, but editorially, the decision to use it should not have been there.
  • Also…who is Kasami? I know who he is, you know who he is, but does EVERYBODY watching know who he is? I doubt it. Explain who he is and why you are mentioning him. Who did Fulham play on Monday? Not everybody will know. Don’t assume your audience watches EVERY single bit of sport possible. Tell the viewer the story, and get them engaged in what you are telling them.
DODGEBALL – Charlie Gardiner

  • ·        I slammed university sports last week and I usually do, but what I want you all to do is to not use university football – you have 4/5 non-league sides on your front doorstep, so university football is just a step down.
  •       So, having said that, this dodgeball piece is interesting. The link is factual – GOOD and the intro is factual –ALSO GOOD.
  •       Charlie, your voiceover is not great. While you have good pronunciation, where is the enthusiasm? Where is the “oomph”? There is none. This is a feature, not a eulogy.
  •       5:47-5:50 is 3 seconds of madness with the camera. What are you doing? He’s not moving, yet the camera is all over the place. Let’s be careful with what we are filming. You may one day miss a crucial moment with a big story because your filming is careless.
  •       The framing of this interview is all wrong. I can see what you’re trying to do by getting the players in the background, and that’s great, but why can’t you just move to the other side of the camera and get him looking in the direction of where the players are behind him? This really struck out for me when I first watched Sportsweek. Framing is everything, and this really lets what could have been a great feature down.
  •           The sound on the interview is quite tough as well – as I said to Laura last week, use a radio mic as often as possible in that hall because it’s so hard to judge. I made that mistake once, so you live and learn!
  •      In terms of your scripting, it’s really good. I think factually it has some interesting information – like the stat about winning in 16 seconds is great, so honestly well done with that.
  •      I would have liked to have seen you get involved - would be good TV to see the reporter get involved with the dodgeball getting hit by the balls.

  • ·       A definite improvement from last week but still a lot of work to do to get it to the level it was two/three years ago. That will take hard work and commitment, but please don’t be fazed by that. You get out of WINOL by what you put in.
  •       Every piece of criticism you receive, use it constructively. WINOL can be draining and disheartening, but remember guest editors and lecturers may one day be your friends & colleagues in the industry, so listen, take it all on board and get to know the people that come in to help YOU.
  •       Thomas Baxter – let’s have a package from you this week. I think it’s vitally important we see this ‘editorship’ side from you. Remember, it’s more than just presenting and fixing the show up. You have to be included in what your team is doing and be at the heart of the operation. You have to support your team, just like they have to support you. Sports teams particularly are all about teamwork and advising each other and taking on board what everybody has to say. Once that team discipline returns, then Sportsweek can progress. At the moment, it’s very, very jagged around the edges, but I firmly believe we can fix this and get it going smoothly again. If Sportsweek is not up to scratch, then WINOL is not up to scratch. Remember that.
  •        I am very concerned about the length of the programme. I understand it is hard, but you have to suck every opportunity at any given moment and use it to its full potential – I propose printing off every fixture to the 4 teams we cover (Eastleigh, Basingstoke, Totton, Winchester) – I did this, and I pinned them to the sports board. Saturday games, and Tuesday night games MUST be filmed and packaged up. Especially Tuesdays because they are your most recent games therefore it is NEW. Tuesday nights are a must. They were done in my time, and they will be done in your time.
  •      Congratulations everybody – we are slowly making small steps to improvement. Be pleased with your work and take pride in your work.
I look forward to seeing the next WINOL Sportsweek, and feel free to email me at or

Thursday, 17 October 2013

WINOL Sportsweek 16/10/13 Feedback Review

·         Lighten up, smile, relax, it’s important the viewer feels comfortable for something like sport. This isn’t a court story. Sport is entertainment- so entertain the audience.
·         Could we have done it in different areas? Buildings are a no-go – why do we want to see buildings on a sports programme?
·         Sound enthusiastic too. Tone linking into each story and knowing when to pause, when to smile and when to put emphasis on words - it’s all important.
·         Anybody can read an autocue like it’s a memo or a dinner menu; real presenters leave you remembering THEM as well as the programme. SELL YOURSELF!

·         The Dytche looked an unprofessional background. Sure it’s a sports show so have it outside, but this seems a waste when there’s a fantastic studio and gallery to use. Perhaps use one of the club stadiums? Winchester? Totton?

·         You must lead with Eastleigh as often as possible.
·         Volleyball good, although perhaps the last headline?
·         Nobody cares what the VICE captain has to say – who is he? What is the ‘news’ line that makes it a headline?

Eastleigh v Oxford City – TATE SLYFIELD
·         The V/O sounds like you want to be elsewhere, however the Pronunciation was very good.
·         Sound levels sometimes very jumpy, but good use of second camera angle.
·         As for the scripting, I enjoyed seeing Richard Hill pick up the manager of the month award – it was different and a nice intro but WHY did he win it? Are there no stats? 7 wins out of 7? 5 wins in a row during September? Tell us why he won it.
·         Stuart Fleetwood – sell the fact he has played in the Football League. He would be a great sit down interview. He was widely regarded as a top talent when he broke onto the domestic scene – will make for a great feature.
·         Damien Batt – he has also played in the Football League, most recently with Oxford United.
·         Ben Strevens – Former Dagenham, Gillingham and Wycombe. These are interesting players – do what you can to get feature interviews.
·         Post-match interviews? Disappointing defeat by their standards? No reaction from anybody? This has to be a MUST for EVERY game in the leagues you cover.

Volleyball – LAURA ALLEN
·         Nice to see you getting involved Laura. Always make it for a more interesting watch.
·         Intro is great – informative, and interesting to know.
·         Auto focus used on camera, don’t do this, manual focus instead. As the background was more in focus than the person being interviewed? This happened 3 times.
·         Also, move the camera, swing it round to follow the action. There were too many still shots of the camera focusing on one area but then not turning to follow the action accordingly.
·         Sound was awkward at times. It’s tricky filming in that hall because it echoes like anything, but maybe a radio mic should have been used while you were actually on the court instead of a V/O.
·         I liked the outro. It was nice, different and kept me engaged.

Winchester Mens Football – LEWIS SALTER
·         Two university men’s football pieces in two weeks – get noticed by demonstrating your versatility and variety.
·         I used the uni teams very rarely – I know our audience is primarily students, but nobody cares how many players the 1s have lost (It’s not a transfer window) or how the 3s are getting on in training.  You need to target Basingstoke and Totton. This is where you will find local reporters who you can network with, leading to potential opportunities in future.
·         I like the fact you linked to WINOL Woodwork, Lewis. This is always a great feature and we used it quite commonly with the likes of Basingstoke, Totton and Eastleigh.
·         Why did you come back to general shots after WINOL Woodwork? Surely we could have ended with a slow-mo replay of the person hitting the bar, with the music slowly fading out rather than you coming back in just to sign out again?
·         Camera focus. Check and double check EVERYTIME. Again, I know lighting is tough at night but it looked poor at times.
·         Move away from university now. Be a bit more adventurous and really test yourself. The industry is a hard worker so you have to be up to the challenge.

·         The length is not good enough for the teams, facilities and manpower you have.
·         10 minutes should be the target every week AT LEAST.
·         Thomas Baxter – you have to contribute to the programme. People see your name at the end, that’s great, but where is your voice? Where are you on screen? The audience doesn’t see you. As Sports Editor, this is your programme and you MUST lead from the front. Some weeks I had to do 3 VTs and produce the show, and provide content on Wednesdays for the bulletin. You HAVE to keep extending and enhancing your showreel.
      Everybody - Always think you can do better. Never be satisfied with what somebody says is a good job. Always push further and create more exciting, solid and intriguing content.
·         You have a short amount of time to get as much practical experience possible and as many opportunities to meet people and interview players which will only enhance a future showreel – you must show your versatility.
·         Views? Why are the views so low? Are you plugging the programme on the non-league forums or on university FB pages? When I was Sports Editor, we were averaging 1700-2000 views a week from our programme which at student level is fantastic. Why bother creating content and doing the work if nobody’s going to see it?

I look forward to seeing next week’s WINOL Sportsweek, and really hope this advice helps you over the next few days. Please feel free to email me to or