Friday, 14 January 2011

Ed Sheeran: The Up and Coming Talent

At the age of just 19, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran already has a wealth of experience in the music world, and is a highly talented prophecy. With already an EP and two albums out as well as 100 written and recorded songs by the age of 18, Sheeran surely has a future in the music business.

His unusual combination of a folk-funk-indie genre has earnt him supporters across the land and his popularity is forever growing as his collaborations with mainstream artists and production of more and more songs continues to increase. It certainly is a major outlook on British music today, and the improvement it is slowly making in the rcent years with big breakthrough acts like Tinie Tempah, Ellie Goulding and Jessie J hitting the spotlight with devastating force. Sheeran will be next.

His support acts on the tour of Just Jack in 2009, and another breakthrough act in Example in 2010 saw the youngster lavished with praise as well as being given the opportunitiy to perform more regularly in front of crowds he should expect to be in front of in the coming years. His reputation is forever growing and despite originating from Suffolk, Sheeran spends most of his time living in London recording, writing and performing gigs in front of present and future fans.
He played his first gig in his home county in 2005, and in 2008, Ed really began entering big-time territory, being named as the "Next Big Thing" in the music world at the East Anglian band contest.

He has become so popular among other artists he has even supported big name acts like Jay Sean and Gabriella Climi on their tours as well as being highly associated with Nizlopi and Scorcher.

What makes Sheeran different is that his songs offer something unexpected and unoriginal, but that's what makes his work something to admire. His songs are mainly personal, relating to his fans or his girlfriend in which he has revealed he writes a lot of songs for. His combination of indie-funk shows the amount of creativity and initiative he has. He is an exceptionally clever musician for such a young age, and this is why many other artists appreciate his talents. In fact, if Sheeran were a footballer, he would be considered a "hot prospect".

The potential of Sheeran can only put him in better stead for the future, and infact, his newly released album "No 5 Collaborations Project" hit top spot in the iTunes album chart, beating Grammy award winner Rihanna. His album has been an instant hit, and despite being rejected by many recording companies, Ed still decided to sell the album himself before agreeing to a major music contract with Atlantic labelling. Yet another album in his growing list, joining "The Orange Room EP" (2005) and his first two albums, "Ed Sheeran" (2006) and "Want Some?" (2007).

When rejected by record labels, they suggested he sell his latest EP for free in order to raise his profile, but Sheeran is so eager for his latest work to succeed he is selling his album for £5 on his official website. Labelling companies will be sure doubting their lack of faith now in Sheeran following his success in the recent iTunes album chart.

His new album sees duets and supports with some well-known grime artists including Wiley and Devlin. His talents with a guitar are exceptional for a 19-year-old starting to learn in just 2002, and for sure, Sheeran's future in the music world will be one to be highly noticed in the coming years.

Many artists he has collaborated and supported with have sung the praises of Sheeran and the impulse he will create on the music industry. Keep an eye on this young man. He will be huge, and to be honest, I went to see Example at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth in October 2010 as a fan of one artist. I walked out, a supporter of two. Since then, Sheeran has been a very popular number in my household. He is unique, and a naturally gifted musician.

I leave you now with my favourite song that Sheeran has produced to date. In my opinion, one of my favourite songs of the past year.

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