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WINOL Sportsweek 12th November 2014 - Feedback

  • First thing's first Marc, I noticed your top button (or lack of). Make sure your appearance is smart! Remember, people want to see you and the programme in all its glory so make sure you are dressed to impress.
  • I like your tone - it's a good tone, high energy. I think at times you try to read too quick, and then you stumble on a couple of occasions - make sure you let it breathe. It's not a race. It's a story, and I want you to tell me the story clearly and effectively. Balancing the tone of how you say your links, and the pace of it is crucial. 
  • I'm banning "Coming up on today's show" - let's see a variation in scripting. I change my INTRO for beIN Sports nearly every other day. I'm also banning "goodbye" on the OUTRO. No more "Goodbye" - it's such a lame ending. Let's think of new ways to sign out from the programme. 
  • Headlines are good, I think we need to put more in there, and maybe change the way we do the headlines. I think after the TITLES....Headline 1....Intro....Headline 2, Headline 3, Headline 4, etc etc. It just flows much more nicely. There's no stopping and starting again. Keep the pace flowing.
  • Do not be afraid to put more than 2/3 headlines. You had 4 stories this week....why not headline them all?
  • Again, this is a very good highlights package Rhodri. You really are slowly mastering the art of football highlights VTs.
  • I see you've carried the audio underneath celebs and replays this week - well done for taking that on board. See how much of an improvement it makes!
  • Try not to be too descriptive with your VO. I felt as the package went on, you were becoming more and more descriptive about what we were seeing. However, your scripting is getting better week by week which is great to see.
  • Also great to see, is a post match interview - FINALLY! Well done getting Jason - he's always keen to talk - he's a great guy. Shame about the lights turning on midway through but unfortunately there's not a huge amount you can do about that - sod's law!
  • One thing I did notice....keep your graphics consistent....the full time score graphic said "Basingstoke" then the graphic for Bristow said "Basingstoke Town manager" - pick one or the other. I would go Basingstoke Town so just make sure it has it on both graphics.
  • Well done Rhodri - great work. Let's think of new ways to keep getting better and perhaps new ideas at how we can introduce and end your VTs. 
  • The dates are wrong on both graphics. Both games are being played on Sunday 7th December 2014. I know the FA Cup schedule has been affected and changed this week due to certain unforeseen circumstances, so maybe you published that before the change. We need to update that to accommodate the new dates. 
  • Again, something I noticed here which may have slipped through the net your side but can I ask why Eastleigh has an 'FC' on the end and the other clubs don't? This comes down to consistency again - I wouldn't put FC. We know they are a football club. Would you put Chelsea FC or Arsenal FC? 
  • In terms of the script for's good. Well done, however "Basingstoke Town face a trip to League One leaders Bristol City" - Remember they have to BEAT Telford in the replay so you need to reference that. 
  • Also, I know for a fact Angus will like this seeing as he is a die-hard Bristol City fan - so any extra publicity his side gets is great for his 'minnows' ***office joke***
  • You have no idea how happy I am to see this in here this week. Drew, I know we discussed this and well done for getting it done. This is SPORTS NEWS, and it is localised because of the mention he used to play for AFC Totton. 
  • You covered all aspects of the story you needed to cover. How he did the injury....the latest updates....what injury it was. It was good. 
  • The tweets are great - see how simple a sports tory can be made from just using social media? Don't worry about pictures if you don't have them....always be thinking about ways to use a story with new ideas.
  • I don't think you need 'ARCHIVE FOOTAGE' in the bottom left of the Charles OOV. It's WINOL Footage! Here's an important point though - do you see how vital archive footage is - just look at what he can be used for! It's important we keep a register of what is kept on tapes and what is uploaded where for any future use on Sportsweek.
  • I actually spoke to Michael - he's seen the show - he's very grateful for you putting this in - he's absolutely devastated about the injury and from what he's told me he could be out for a long, long time. It may be worth contacting him in the coming weeks - this should be a running story updating on his progress. He has seen the surgeon so it's only a matter of time before he gets a length of time he's out for. Maybe we can set up an exclusive interview when he's on the mend? Get in touch with him - he's a nice guy. 
  • NOTE - The audio mix at the end of the Charles OOV back into the studio was very, very harsh. Let's make sure all mixes are good in post production. Sounded horrible.
  • Nice Ross, well done for organising this. Finally good to hear from the new man at the helm at Winchester.
  • I don't think this needed your voice at the top. I think we could have just linked straight to the interview using Marc. You didn't show us anything that we needed to see - so maybe next time guys just a straight link from presenter to interview will suffice.
  • You should have put a couple of paints in there to cover up your questions. I like the 3 camera shots but as much as I like you, I don't want to see you. Cover them with Winchester footage. 
  • I think if this is something we intend to do regularly we should film every manager at every ground at every game we go to. We need GVs of these managers. Maybe even if you get a 2nd camera at games to film them for 1-2 minutes. It's a really nice OOV to have on standby. Drew - maybe this is something you can do? Upload them to youtube then that way you do not have to re-capture old archive tapes - you already have the manager OOVs there and then for you. Let's do the same for players too. Let's try and get as many generic shots of players as possible! Let's comp them together - they will be so useful for future programming and it means should a story come up about that player then you have it ready to go!
  • Amy, I really like these pieces you do. I think they're great. 
  • Your sequences are very well thought out - they're interesting and you have a wide variety of pictures at your disposal. 
  • I thought your VO was very disjointed. Not your scripting, your scripting was fine. Your actual delivery of that script seemed very hesitant and out of tune. If it doesn't sound great, do it again. We want your VT to flow and compensate the shots and the hard work that's gone into the package. I just felt that your VO actually let down what should have been yet another excellent local story which was perfect for your target audience. Local people and students.
  • A few black holes in the programme this week. I think there was one in the headlines and another after the FA Cup graphic. We don't like black holes - make sure to double check the programme before your export and upload!
  • Editorially very good this week. Highlights, news stories, exclusive interviews, features. Solid work across the board. 
  • Duration not great again.....imagine if we didn;t have Bristow post match and the Charles story! Would have been much shorter! Always scour the net for news and reactions. POST MATCH INTERVIEWS FROM EVERY GAME THIS WEEKEND PLEASE.
  • I honestly believe we need a comp of individual manager and player OOVS. This will take time but let's make a start on them. They will be so important.
  • I've decided I do not like the credits at the end. NO CREDITS. Let's put the full version of the titles at the start and finish to open and close your programme.
  • I want you all to try and look forward in your packages too. Remember, your programme is uploaded on a Wednesday, meaning most of the games are out of date. How can we push it so we are looking forward rather than looking back?
  • I think we need to as-live stand ups outside St Marys. This needs to be a best, most confident reporter. It doesn't need to be an essay. It doesn't require any paints. It just needs a reporter outside St Marys stadium looking ahead to what Southampton are doing this weekend. They are 2nd in the EPL, and the ONLY Hampshire side in the top flight. 1 minute to 1 minute 30 tops. This week is the perfect week to do it. Do it on Monday or Tuesday - look forward to Saints game at the weekend - but please feel free to reflect on the players who were on international duty. Use the fact your have an EPL side on your doorstep more. 
  • I always think, reluctantly, you need some more sports in there. Local rugby? Basingstoke Bison Ice Hockey? I don't want it to become WINOL Footballweek.....remember, SPORTSWEEK. Let's try and push for this. If it means that some reporters have to do two packages in a week then so be it. 
  • We are really getting there, we really are. You are all taking the points on board and working extremely hard at improving your all round journalistic skills. Keep working hard. Keep communicating with one another and helping each other to create better programming.

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