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WINOL Sportsweek 19th November 2014 - Feedback

Hi everybody, apologies for the late blog post, I've had a crazy few days at work and just haven't had the time to get round to writing this. This blog is actually being written at 4am Doha time which is 1am UK time and it comes after a 12 hour Premier League shift so count yourselves lucky!

PRESENTING - Rhodri Cannon
  • Rhodri - well done. I know you are very limited, much like all of you, in presenting in a studio or even being on camera, but you've done well. 
  • Try and really punch those headlines. I want you to sell them to me. Don't be afraid to really give it some oomph! You just seemed a bit timid. 
  • No more 'coming up on today's show' or 'goodbye' - it's quite a weak way to introduce your show and quite a lazy way to end it. It's just a kop out for me. As a team, it may be worth you all sitting down and thinking about new ways to open and close the show. 
  • Speak to Angus, or even Aarran for that matter. If presenting is something you want to move into, the best people to talk to are people who present in front of millions. Both Angus and Aarran do.
  • Guys....massive, massive mistake. Eastleigh had to be your main headline. It just had to be. It's your top story, but it doesn't justify a headline? Makes no sense to me. If you think everything need a headline then have 4 headlines. Do not restrict yourselves to 3. Big error here.
  • Bristow in the headlines - yes, I'm all for that....I would have ended it when he said "abysmal" though - just think he spoke for a bit too long in that headline.
  • 'Rachel Gunter investigates growth in women's football' - that's really weak. First of all, I wouldn't have mentioned Rachel's name....I would have said "WINOL investigates blah blah blah" - but, "growth" - what is growth? What do we mean by growth? 
  • Ross - really well done. You've done extremely well here. It was so important that you as a sports team got this story in. Ross, I could tell by your twitter that you've had a manic week, but you've worked so hard on this, so give yourself a pat on the back. 
  • Few things to comment on....First, I would have put a slow zoom on the still images. Just keeps the VT moving and flowing a bit more.
  • Nice to hear from Richard Hill. You needed him. 
  • Also nice to get some sort of reaction from Lincoln. You needed to. They travelled so far for nothing in the end. 
  • One thing though....I don't like the black behind the tweets and the club statement. Could you have filmed a wide shot of Eastleigh's ground or an area of the pitch to use of a background. Spoiled the piece just a bit. Looked a bit amateurish.
  • Very good outro. Confident, informative. A nice piece all round. The points above for future reference. Really well done Ross.
  • Nice idea with the link to the VT, but Rhodri, a little more conviction in your voice next time. "I THOUGHT WE WERE ABYSMAL" - really go for that line. It's a great line from the manager. Really slamming his players. Sell it.
  • Elliot - it's shot too wide for my liking. I know there is always a fear of missing something and as your camera skills get better, you will be more confident in yourself, but try and get tighter on the game. 
  • Also, the had already mentioned his name previous to the goal.....don't need to say his name again in full. Just say 'Smith' or make a reference to 'making amends for his earlier guilt edge chance' - something like that.
  • The whole VT is too descriptive for me. There are elements of variety in your scripting but for me it's too much of 'he did this, he did that, this was saved, etc etc' - don't tell me what I'm seeing. Use your scripting to enhance what I'm seeing.
  • I don't think you need to SOQ this. You sign out, and then we hear from Bristow. Just go straight to Bristow. If we don't hear you give an SOQ, then you don't give an SOQ. Not the end of the world. Just disrupts the flow. 
  • Not a bad piece Elliot, but lots to be improved upon. Scripting is key component of any VT, so just work harder at that for next time.
FA Cup Graphic
  • You need to write on the Graphic what that game is. I know what it is, but not everybody will do.
  • FA CUP 1ST ROUND REPLAY, TUESDAY 18TH NOVEMBER 2014, AFC TELFORD 2-1 BASINGTOKE - These should all be written on the graphic.
  • I think you need to give us some detail about the game as well. I like that you've written the scorers on the Full Frame Graphic but there's no harm in talking about it. I know for a fact that Telford had a man sent off, so it's even more of a kick in the teeth for Basingstoke isn't it?
  • Afzul....natural sound under the Full Frame Sting at the top of your edit? Where is it? I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago. It's a horrible, awkward moment of silence. Get the atmos up!
  • When I first watched this I genuinely had no idea what was going on. 'Went 1-0 up' *GOAL* then graphic saying 2-0. It's only when I listened to the voiceover again that I realised you had actually missed the first goal. Why was that? It was 21 minutes into the game. Hopefully there was some sort of explanation as to why it wasn't in your edit. 
  • If you do miss a goal guys, then maybe work a line into your VT to compensate for missing it. Maybe something like "Poole went ahead through Person A, but his excellent strike was far too good for our WINOL Cameras" - you have to acknowledge the fact you missed it. You cannot just ignore it. But, please, please do not miss ANY goals or major incidents in games. Afzul, let me know why you missed it please. Technical problem? Arrived late? Let me know.
  • Your audio cuts from the 3-0 goal to different audio for the celeb and replay. Just use all the sound from the Main Camera and carry it underneath ALL your shots as part of this sequence.
  • Same again for 4-0. Audio cuts are too harsh. Carry them underneath all parts of the sequence. 
  • Nice replay though for the 4th goal - it actually shows the horrible blunder by the keeper quite well. Good use of the replay.
  • Try not to be too descriptive in your VT Afzul. You started really well scripting wise but as the VT went on I just felt it becoming more and more of you telling me what I was seeing. Work around it, think of new ways to introduce different stages of the game. How can they link? In fact, I'm pretty sure in your VT Joe Maxwell hit the bar and then set up the goal in your next shot! That's a perfect way to link it - "Maxwell may not have found the net, but he was involved in what turned out to be a small consolation for Totton. Person B blah blah blah" Get it?
  • Team....There is a huge, huge error here. I sent that tweet to you as I thought it would be a nice way to use a local footballer on the international stage, but NOBODY has checked when this tweet was. I knew when it was. He tweeted on Tuesday night. What happened on Tuesday night? Scotland 1-3 England. He was tweeting about THAT game, NOT the Slovenia game as you guys scripted. That's a massive error guys. You need to check and double check it. Really poor. And such a shame.
  • The pictures are good though. Well done for mentioning Lambert and Lallana, although I don't think you said they were former Saints players. I think you said they played for Saints. I may be wrong, but just check that. Both are at Liverpool now remember. 
  • Next time, slow zoom on the pictures. Too still for me....yes, irony there I know, but even so, keep it moving and flowing.
  • Big error here though guys. Please don't think I'm criticising, but if I did what you did at my work, I'd be getting a rollicking. We all make mistakes, but you all must have seen Sportsweek before broadcast and upload. Drew, this does fall on your head though. You are in charge of the programme. You should have noticed this. Rhodri to some extent you too. You're the presenter, you wrote/read the script. It had to be flagged.
  • The link to this VT and the first line in this VT are EXACTLY the same. Communication guys. You all work together - this should have been noticed.
  • This is a really nice piece Rachel. Well done. It's carefully constructed and like your previous sports package, it's very interesting. Try not to limit yourself though. It's great you are getting the female aspect of the game in, but let's try and get some variety in your stories.
  • Really nice that you interview the women's captain. I can hear the audio cuts though. Are there any fades in and out of new quotes? They seem a bit harsh. Remember, you can cover any cuts with raised audio levels of the girls kicking a ball so we don't hear the harsh cuts. 
  • Also, I know it's tricky with a piece like this, but I think there's too many of the same shot. Too many shots from a distance of the girls running and playing football. A bit samey at stages in this VT.
  • I don't know if WINOL has a set way for your SOQs but I hate "Person C, Winchester News Online, Winchester" - Just end it on "Winchester News Online" if you are in Winchester, but say the place name for anywhere else.
  • Nice work though Rachel. It's a good way to end the show. 
  • Program started very strongly - Ross' VT was the stand out. That was real sports news. Excellent job. 
  • Ended very nicely too - Rachel's women in football piece was a nice way to end. 
  • The middle of the show was a mixture of good, scrappy and poor. A blend of all three. But, there are some big mistakes in here guys, editorial and technical.
  • The show has really come on so well in the last few weeks and you've all come on so well, but I think we took a step back this week. I don't like saying it but I always have been honest and I always will be. Ask Chris and Brian!
  • Don't think of this week as a poor show - think of it as a learning curve. Why were some parts bad? Where can they be improved? What do WE, as a team, need to do to ensure there are no mistakes. Maybe something for you all to sit down and chat about this week coming.
  • One good thing though - it's a longer show! Which is excellent - and I know you are all busting a gut to get it longer and better so well done everybody on that side of it. 
  • Also, one more's all football again. I know Angus made a point about this a week or two ago and I definitely agree. We need more than just football. We need to try and get other stuff in there too. Rugby's popular locally. Just a thought.
  • Keep working hard though. And as always....any questions, please do get in touch! 

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