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WINOL Sportsweek 8th October 2014 - Feedback

·         - First of all, it’s great to see Sportsweek back up and running for another year. I’m really looking forward to what you can all bring to the party throughout the coming months.
·         - Drew – nice work filming the links at the Camrose – it’s always nice to have a show like Sportsweek out in the open at venues. However, one thing that I immediately noticed was the fact the links were shot in the same place. I think I said this to you guys last year, don’t keep yourselves fixed on one spot in the ground, and if you have to – pick a better spot than the one you chose. Is that a bin behind you too? Not great to see.
·        -  Also, was this done a matchday? Could the links have been recorded with more people in the stadium? If not, then why have we done it in a moreorless empty stadium? No atmosphere in the ground, no atmosphere on the show.
·         - Presenting was good. Calm, composed, clear. I do want to see some enthusiasm in your voice though. Very monotone – try and give it some welly and sell the show to your viewers. I want to be encapsulated in the programme, not waiting for the end.

·         Have we scrapped headlines? They are a key part of the show. I think you need them. We need to tease what’s coming up on the programme.

Basingstoke Soccer AM Stadium – Marc Betts

·       -   Personally I would not have run this story as it is old but I understand why it has run because of it being the first week of WINOL and what not, it seems a crime not to do something on it.
·        -  “Attendances boost” – yeah, I’m sure they have, so where are the fans? All I see are about 5 players/officials talking on a pitch. That was a great opportunity to demonstrate the attendance boosting, think you missed a trick there.
·        -  Good work getting some sort of reaction from somebody at the club talking about the new stadium. However, why am I looking down on him? Could the camera have not been eye level with him? Just think about the height of your interviewee and the camera. Otherwise it was nicely framed and it was important to your VT, so well done.
·        -  Good work getting the plans for the new stadium. Whilst listening to this particular part though I noticed pronunciation issues in your VO. “Ability” sounded like “abilaee” and “Capacity” sounded like “capacaee” – I had issues on certain words and letters when voicing so just work hard to annunciate correctly – it goes a long way.
·         - Otherwise, you did what you could with this and I think it was a good news story to get the show up and running.

Basingstoke vs Whitehawk – Ross Perkins - First up, Drew’s link to the actual VT….in future never say “last night” – I watched this week’s programme on Friday and I know for a fact this game didn’t happen on a Thursday. Future reference…let’s say the day or don’t mention the day at all. Keep it current.
·         - Ross, I must praise your VO. It’s very good. You oscillate well and you know when to be more upbeat and you know the terminology and use it well to flow into what we are seeing. Good start.
·        -  The match sting….I really like these. Next time though - use the audio from the game and just have it bubbling underneath . The silence while waiting for the first piece of action was too awkward. Get the ‘atmos’ up underneath those stings.
·         - Well done getting a replay on Chris Flood’s goal – next time, use the audio from the main camera and just carry that under the replay. In the end I just heard slow motion sound from the fans behind the goal. Ruined the flow of your VT. Good stat about his 8th goal though – try and get these in every week.
·        -  I think you tell us too much of what we are seeing. Try not to do that. It is quite tricky in your early WINOL days but just try not to state the obvious. I can what’s happening, so just elaborate on what we are seeing with stats, facts, figures, etc.
·         - Not a fan of full time scenes at all. I don’t think you need them, except in certain circumstances. Also, check your audio mix from the last chance to the full time whistle – it was very harsh on the ears.
·        -  I like this though Ross. I’m not sure if this is your first time on WINOL but you have the elements of a match VT in good shape already. Just perfect the good bits and improve on the bad bits.
·         - Any post match interviews? I think these are a must for every reporter at every game. It’s great hearing your voice and seeing the game, but what about the players and staff involved in that game. They went top! How are they feeling? I don’t know because I didn’t hear from anybody. Just a thought for next time.

Totton v Taunton – Rhodri Cannon
- Match sting – audio underneath – very good. FYI Ross – this is what I meant in reference to your piece. Have a look at what Rhodri has done.
 - I don’t think you needed a replay on the Sherbourne chance. It didn’t come to anything – didn’t show us anything. Bit pointless.
- Okay, that Taunton goal. Two things:
1) Why did we see the build up to the goal so late? 
2) Where was the celebration? I counted 4 seconds. 4 seconds to show build up, goal AND celeb for the first goal of the game? Big NO.
- Good work on the red card. I felt the camera was moving a bit too much for me, but we saw the incident and the aftermath.
-The Totton goal has been cut well from main camera to celebration but did you say Ryan Flooks scored? So why did the graphic say Rob Flooks? Either way it’s a fatal error. What is his name? I don’t even know now! You must ensure every part of your VT, from voicing to visual GFX are correct.
- Winning goal – well done with the replay. That replay was used to good effect
- Your sign off – “Rhodri Cannon, WINOL, Totton” – well, I do not know if this is a style guide you have on the course but I know you are in Totton. Unless you’re in Europe for  Champions League game or you are doing a piece to camera it doesn’t work, next time, just “Rhodri Cannon, WINOL”
- Good work Rhodri – action packed game! Like Ross – get some post match interviews please.
- Like Drew, just a bit more enthusiasm in your voice next time!

Fleet Town Ladies – Rachel Gunter
·         - Okay, the link to this tells me the story straight away. £6000….and then what do we do in the VT….we repeat exactly what Drew says. We must focus on our links and our opening lines in VTs – keep them different – why are we repeating ourselves?
·        -  Kevin Jordan actually speaks very well. I actually find it quite interesting listening to him as I did not know about this story. So good work on getting him and more importantly using the best quotes.
·         - Really like your piece to camera. Good work – very informative, clear and well shot.
·         - Big fan of this. It’s simple, it’s clear and it tells us the story and it attracts a local audience which is exactly what WINOL should be doing this early in the year.

-  This is a real issue for me and always has been – even when I was in charge of Sports on WINOL. I don’t know how stretched you are in terms of manpower of equipment but the duration of the programme. A week of sport and all that we have out of it is 6 minutes 38 seconds? That must improve in my opinion. 4 reports coming to 6 and a half minutes is not good enough. As a rule, WINOL Sportsweek should really be over the 10 minute mark every week –please think about new ways to expand and enhance the programme.
 - Views…..another big problem I had and still have. When I first watched this (on Friday night) this show on Youtube had 28 views. Why so little? When I was in charge of Sports I was averaging between 1500-2000 views every week with a top weekly viewing just on youtube of nearly 4000. Why do the work if nobody is going to see it? It is so important that as a sports team you promote YOUR sports programme. Non-league forums, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, anything to get people watching your show – Drew this is your responsibility mainly as sports editor but it’s just as important that all of you get on board and encourage people to watch the work you do!
·        -  I don’t think you need the credits – nobody knows you. May I suggest a weekly closer? A musical round up of all the action we’ve seen this week on WINOL Sportsweek. Food for thought next time.
·         It’s a good start though guys, and being the first week, I don’t expect a masterclass from everybody. But the elements are there and the structure is there – now let’s think of ways we can expand it in an editorial, technical and creative sense. When you do something good, how can you do it better? Always be looking to improve.  

    If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me – my twitter is @G_Messenger or you can email me on

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